‘We’re getting compared to companies that actively promote whatever woke agenda’

Joe KovacsBy Joe Kovacs

Dallas Jenkins, director of 'The Chosen' (Video screenshot)

Dallas Jenkins, creator and director of ‘The Chosen’ (Video screenshot)

In the wake of controversy over a cameraman having an LGBT Pride flag on set of the popular Christian TV series “The Chosen,” the driving force behind the show has posted a video to clarify his stance on the matter.

As WND reported last week, images of the three-inch flag promoting homosexuality and transgenderism were visible on a camera in a behind-the-scenes video as filming continues for the fourth season of the crowdfunded program bringing the Gospels to life.

On Sunday, Dallas Jenkins, the show’s creator and director, responded to the subsequent uproar from some Christians who saw the flag as an endorsement of the LGBT agenda.

“I’m communicating to you, the potentially confused viewer. I’m just giving you clarity and even if we disagree, the disagreement should be about accuracy and the correct things,” Jenkins began.


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