By Jennifer Rae Vliet 

Take it from me, there is nothing like foot pain. It is almost like it tells your brain, that’s it, you are in a terrible state of health, and no one really understands how truly debilitating this type of pain can be. Weight can play a factor but do not be fooled, this happens to the slender and athletic and those of us that just have to stand a lot for our jobs or hobbies. Foot pain can also mean you have a fatty liver, or that your liver is due for a scrubbing and some hefty support. 

Here are some potential scenarios to consider and how to begin the healing process that can get you back to feeling pain free and vibrant again. 

What is it?

Plantar fasciitis is an all-too-common cause of heel, and overall foot pain. It involves inflammation of the thick band of fascia that attaches from the toes to the heel bone called the Plantar Fascia. It is that tight painful experience of walking after a night of sleep, having to hobble for a minute once getting out of the car after a long drive, or when standing for any length of time when acute inflammation is present. The nerves are just on overload at this point, basically, yet some liken it to feeling as though their feet are broken. 

The Liver Connection to Our Tootsies

Pain and numbness or a burning on the bottom of the feet can be the symptom of insulin resistance, this is stemming from the liver.  So, make sure you do everything you can to focus on making your liver as healthy as possible and find out if that is in fact the real cause of your foot pain. A fatty liver is what this is referred to, btw. Gout symptoms as well will get much better from focusing on the liver as that ultimately will affect the kidneys. Here is a great video from Dr. Berg on the overall issues your feet can experience from a compromised liver. Your liver is the hub of your health, and it is wise to always take steps to support the liver with supplementation.

Oxalate crystals, micro traumas, uric acid, can all contribute to the inflammation of your feet while you are dealing with a Plantar Fasciitis diagnosis. You can have heel spurs or not, but one of the biggest mistakes we are told by doctors is to stretch the calf or the fascia on the bottom of your feet. This can cause more damage, more pain, and a delayed healing. 

Dr. Berg suggests avoiding foods high in oxalates like spinach, chocolate, peanuts, kiwi’s, etc., and having a little bit of cheese or calcium if you do ingest that list above as it will lower the oxalate irritation to the bottom. Vitamin D (20,000 iu’s a day) and Stinging Nettle are great anti-inflammatory supplements to take. 

Stretching and How to Achieve Immediate Relief

This won’t sit well with podiatrists and most online searches will lead you to chiropractors that mean well, but they are actually causing more problems than good when it comes to recommended stretches. 

As Dr. Berg demonstrates in the video below and claims it is the easiest way to fix plantar fasciitis, he has you stretch your foot in the opposite direction and shin, you actually stretch pressing your toes down, avoiding the calf as he says the worst thing you can do is stretch the calf or massage the foot because you are tearing even more and causing more scar tissue to be cultivated. By stretching the top of the foot and the front part of the leg, you are creating a scenario where you start to relax the foot entirely, especially the bottom. This can take up to 2 weeks to fully heal, doing this a few times a day he claims…and the comments section is pretty telling of how quickly people are starting to feel a relief from their discomfort within two minutes of doing these stretches. Many people claim they have suffered with Plantar fasciitis for years and this has been the remedy. 

Excellent Taping the Foot for Relief While Healing from Plantar Fasciitis

There are arch and foot sleeves that can mimic the taping in the video, but this is a great way to help yourself. You can find a great version of KT Tape that is 5 dollars here and you can fortify your kinesiology taping with this athletic tape here.




Think Alternatively

I like to think of it like this, pray and rest, be gentle and good to yourself embracing positivity whilst being mindful that your body is telling you something and it is a fine time to listen. There is great value in trying alternate ways to healing. With the feet, what we have learned in this short piece (and by watching the videos in full) is to cut out the sugar, fasting can ease the load on the liver, remove oxalates from the diet, take in liver supporting supplements and foods, and alternate ways can possibly help you avoid more injury, more pain, needless steroids and liver and kidney damaging anti-inflammatory medications. 

Proverbs 16:24 – Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

If this information helps anyone, or does not, please leave your experiences in the comments section. 

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