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September 24 ~ September 30

News Stories from Around the World:

Saturday the Sabbath – The Feast of Tabernacles



Trans daycare worker handed 25 years in prison for sexually exploiting kids

More than 400 files found on cell phone that depicted severe sexual abuse

$5 million Biden ‘bribe’ confirmed in email released by House

'Free iPhones' is yelled as a mob of young people loot an Apple Store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night, Sept. 27, 2023. (Video screenshot)

Looting suspects return to streets under Soros-backed DA’s cashless bail system

Arizona governor steps down in short absence as state treasurer temporarily fulfills role | Fox News

WATCH: The Biden impeachment hearings – Day 1 (

Wuhan Institute of Virology warns the world: Prepare for another COVID pandemic (

Biden family worked closely with Chinese companies ahead of wire payments | Washington Examiner

New Text Message Destroys Joe Biden’s Defense in Influence-Peddling Scandal – PJ Media

Chinese Communist Party-linked groups funneled $1 million into Dem campaigns (

State opens probe into drag-queen principal previously arrested for child porn (

7 key moments from 2nd 2024 GOP primary debate (

This nation is sitting on treasure-trove of crucial green minerals. There’s just 1 catch (


President Donald Trump speaks inside the Vehicle Assembly Building following the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the company's Crew Dragon spacecraft on NASA's SpaceX Demo-2 mission with NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley onboard, Saturday, May 30, 2020, at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (NASA photo by Bill Ingalls)

Trump explodes on ‘deranged’ judge for railroading ‘fake case’

Bill O'Reilly (Video screenshot)

WATCH: Bill O’Reilly to Tucker: ‘Active evil probably runs TV industry’

Hunter Biden (ABC News video screenshot)

Hunter sold Biden ‘brand’ in 23 countries, documents show

424-1! Dems join GOP to kill Biden’s anti-2nd Amendment scheme (

Tens of thousands of fake voters? FBI buries documents on possible nationwide vote fraud (

JPMorgan to pay $75M to settle Epstein suits with US Virgin Islands (

ABC News journalist guilty of ‘sadistic’ child porn could face decades in prison (

20 robo-taxis cause traffic mayhem at city intersection (

NRA-ILA | California: Governor Newsom Continues His Vendetta Against Lawful Gun Owners Signing Multiple Anti-Gun Bills into Law (

Jamaica declares Dengue fever outbreak (

Fox News cuts away from Trump speech 4 seconds after he says these two words (

Biden admin shells out $200,000 for LGBT ‘mentoring program’ to connect teens with adults (

Manhunt for escaped DC homicide suspect enters third week | Washington Examiner

EV fleet bought from now-bankrupt maker by blue enclave are now all dead (

House Passes MTG’s Amendment to Slash Austin’s Pay to $1 |


Jesus Ayala allegedly ran over someone in Las Vegas.

Teen accused of killing cyclist makes sick comment to police

U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm participates in a press briefing, Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2021, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Probe launched into Biden’s energy secretary over EV road-trip fakery

(Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash)

Family of Christian teen condemned to death by doctors sounds alarm

‘We have been gagged, silenced, and most importantly … ‘

TENSIONS RISE: ‘F– You!’ Lahaina officials lash out at concerned citizens as residents allowed back in. – O’Keefe Media Group (

Banking giant admits pressuring Intuit into cutting off gun companies (

WATCH: Elon Musk posts video revealing failure of COVID shots (

Oh, poop! Man delivers No. 2 proof of homeless crisis to city officials (

Joe Biden facing crushing defeat if RFK Jr. runs as 3rd-party candidate (

Dept. of Defense signs contract with social media monitoring company (

National Guardsmen attempt to stop flow of illegals into Texas border town (

Governor signs law barring removal of LGBT books from schools (

Report: More than a third of kids on puberty blockers have worsened mental health (

Ivanka Trump made a quiet visit to Maui after the wildfires (

Court rules on government scheme to inspect rental homes at any time (


Biden admin funds LGBT ‘mentoring program’ to connect teens with adults Will promote ‘social-emotional skills acquisition’


Parent speaks out against middle school’s explicit reading list

Gov’t contract stipulates migrants must stay in hotels with 3 or more stars

House Oversight Announces Witnesses for First Biden Impeachment Hearing | National Review

Biden’s much-touted employment numbers could actually be a harbinger of economic disaster (

Trudeau responds after Canadian parliament hosts Nazi veteran (

Swing-state agency takes down voter registration form deemed illegal (

Future envisioned where utilities moderate electricity demand via cars, appliances (

Cyber threats require U.S. allies to have ‘zero trust strategy’ (

Homes, cars becoming increasingly unaffordable for middle class (

Hannity will host “red state vs. blue state” debate on Fox News Channel – HotAir

Trump goes GUN shopping with Marjorie Taylor Greene: Former president poses with a $829.99 9MM GLOCK with his face on the grip in armory tour | Daily Mail Online

Monday – The Day of Atonement

Stonehenge (Unsplash)

Book now claims Stonehenge built by blacks! ‘It’s quite puzzling why there’s such a fervor to appropriate historical narratives’

Investigative journalist unleashes Biden bribery bombshell


Scholars want term ‘white paper’ scrapped due to its ‘racial and historical context’

Dershowitz: ‘We’re going to have some convictions of Donald Trump’ before election ( Tucker Carlson gives speech in Michigan (

Is China on fast track to wage war against U.S.? (

The solution to education woes: ‘Get back to basics and get rid of the rest’ (

Book now claims Stonehenge built by blacks (

Blue city debates $750 million ‘climate investment’ amid rampant homelessness, crime, drugs (

GOP forced to intervene again as Dems demand Trump be excluded in 2024 vote (

Author of ‘Gender Queer’ book found in schools doesn’t recommend it for kids (

Fight erupts over state law that criminalizes political speech (

Huge city mulls government-owned grocery stores as retailers bolt (

Dem rep says he’ll challenge Menendez in 2024 after indictment (

Diamond prices are crashing (



Blue city debates $750 million ‘climate investment’ amid rampant homelessness Antifa radicals still maintain notable presence


Appeals court rules on county’s scheme to confiscate cars

Migrant children

Investigation launched into 2 companies accused of employing migrant children

Over one-third of Democrats believe Americans have ‘too much freedom’ (

City shutting down historic church because neighbors don’t like it (

Only 8% of E.U.’s illegal migrants were women last year (

Trump’s Role in History – and Why He Must Be Reelected (

Pope Francis says Europe is NOT facing a migrant emergency (

EV battery factor will require so much energy, it needs a coal plant to power it (

City slammed for ‘racist’ trees, is forced to remove them (

Railroad retirement board has $359 million in questioned costs (

UPS using AI to prevent ‘porch pirates’ from stealing packages (

The day the grid was rescued by coal-fired power plants (

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