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  1. The Sabbath
    Over the past 55 years or so I have often questioned exactly how to Keep the Sabbath. I am confident that to the average Sabbath keeper the question has come up numerous times and under numerous circumstances. My questioning has always stemmed from the Commandment as written verses the numerous explanations that are readily available from scholastically inept preachers who are more than willing to indoctrinate you into their “churches” take on what the commandment actually means to the more astute biblical scholars who will bury you with a tsunami of unpronounceable words and leave you wondering what the person was actually saying. Regarding my question on how to keep the Sabbath, I have settled on resting more than I usually would during the other 6 days, spending more time reflecting on things scriptural and abstaining from or thinking of any work that I would normally do to earn a wage. I am comfortable with people who have to work on the Sabbath, such people on whom lives depend. What the rest of the world does is entirely up to them. After all, the Sabbath was made for us, a gift from our Creator, made to enjoy, appreciate, rest, relax, get a hold on our spiritual lives, it is not to be a burden and hopefully by Sabbath’s end we have refilled our Spiritual Lamps to better reflect our commitment to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  2. How America Will Collapse by Theo Seeds.
    I do not believe I have ever read an article professed to be credible which is filled with more hedges and outright historical errors and blatant suppositions purportedly based on facts or current world affairs than this article. Additionally, nowhere does this person, if it is a person, ever mention the greatest threat we in America are experiencing, as I write, is the invasion that is happening at our borders. Not a word. Deafening silence. This article would be better suited for Saturday Night Live than The Plain Truth.
    Hedges—According to the Oxford New American Dictionary, a hedge is “a word or phrase used to allow for additional possibilities or to avoid commitment, for example, etc., often, usually, or sometimes”.
    Textbook hedges in this article. possible, may, have speculated, Could, Now suppose Now suppose, it could, Suppose this, Best-case scenario, Worst-case scenario, we might, So my guess, If, could, may be headed, if, Well, imagine, That’s unlikely, but not totally unthinkable., would likely cause, seem like, Here are a few possibilities:, we might see, might be impossible, Perhaps, but it might not, may become, If, Maybe after, Or, perhaps, Some might say, If America falls
    Errors that jump out are “In 1885, Mikhail Gorbachev, the new leader of the Soviet Union” and “Turns out, the number one thing member states of the Soviet Union wanted to do with their newfound freedom was leave the United States”
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