Readers to The Plain Truth understand that the Bible knows that Russia is not the major threat before the return of Christ- EUROPE is! Russia is the Gog and Magog of the Bible, but Revelation proves that Gog does not attack God's people until after the first 1,000 year reign of Christ.   What the following story demonstrates is Putin's stupidity will help a monster arise in Europe (a la HITLER) and unite the 10 nations that form the Beast of Revelation in a defense posture against the Russians, who they will defeat in battle.    Read these two articles

The United States of Europe prophecy being fulfilled!

Russia IS NOT the THREAT people fear!


Russia simulated going to war against NATO, bombing Germany and invading Baltic states during Vladimir Putin's 'West 2017' military exercises, analysts have revealed.

A massive programme of war games featuring tens of thousands of troops and code named 'Zapad' took place near the Belarus capital Minsk in September.

At the time there were fears Moscow was using the training as a cover to station soldiers and equipment in the country.

Analysts from two Western intelligence agencies have now claimed that the exercises, which included artillery, tanks, rocket launches and simulated air and navy raids, were a dry-run for a 'shock campaign' against Western European NATO members – including Germany and the Netherlands.

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