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Tribute by Bob Barney

This is one of the most moving, and eye-watering stories I have ever put up on The Plain Truth. This lady waited 63 years for her husband to

image from s1.reutersmedia.netcome home. Although he told her to marry, if he were killed, she never did. She believed that the LORD would send him home and she waited upon the LORD. And waited and waited…. 63 years later he returned to her in a coffin, so she could bury him.  The remains of Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Gantt, who died on March 27, 1951 while serving in the South Pacific during the Korean War, returned to his wife yesterday. He was listed as missing in action/presumed dead for nearly 63 years.

“He told me that if anything happened to him, he wanted me to remarry, and I told him ‘no’,” Clara Gantt said. “So, here I am, still his wife and going to remain his wife till the Lord call me home.

“I am very, very proud of him. He was a wonderful husband, an understanding man,” she told TV reporters at the airport. “I always did love my husband, we was two of one kind, we loved each other. And that made our marriage complete.”

She is quite a lady, and my prayer is the God repays her loyalty, and allows us to see her faith as an inspiration. I am 58 years old. When I was born, she had gone 5 years without him already. When I went to school, she had been alone for ten years. When I graduated hight school, and then college, she had waited for 26 years!  I am nearing my autumn years, and to think that she has lived without the love of her life longer than I have breathed air is almost to much to take. If I only had her faith, patience and love….  

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