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The Plain Truth has been reporting for some time, the dangers of electric cars: (Click Here)

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As electric vehicles continue to be pushed on the nation by the Biden administration certain facts are coming to light about them and this time, we are hearing warnings from the nation's firefighters.

As the number of electric car owners grow, so too are the problems peculiar to EV ownership. They range from a lack of charging stations to unexpected expenses for repairs and now to water waste.

You read that right. Water waste.

According to News Nation, firemen are warning that electric car fires are far more problematic than fires that engulf gas-powered vehicles.

Lt. Tanner Morgan with the Grand Prairie Fire Department near Dallas told News Nation that fire departments are not exactly ready to deal with EVs.

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"We’re at that critical point where the consumer-driven world we live in is pushing these vehicles out and the fire department is playing catch up," he said.

Lt. Morgan went on to say that a gas-powered car typically takes less than 1,000 gallons of water to douse it when it catches on fire. But EVs are a bigger problem, he said. When an electric vehicle catches on fire, firemen are faced with a "thermal runaway."


Morgan added that the lithium-ion batteries in an EV fuel a fire to a much higher degree than gasoline; firefighters are having to learn that they need different tactics to fight an EV fire.

Fremont Fire Department Battalion Chief Gary Ashley said, "The protocol is to start using copious amounts of water, up to 3,000 gallons, so that’s what we started doing."

Unfortunately, 3,000 gallons wasn't enough for a recent EV fire in Sacramento. News Nation reported that firefighters on that case didn't start getting the fire under control until 4,500 gallons were sprayed onto the flames. Authorities said that even when firefighters sprayed water directly on the battery compartment, the fire kept reigniting.

Even Tesla warned about the huge amount of water needed to douse an EV fire.

"Tesla’s own emergency response guide for the "Model S" warns that battery fires can require between 3,000 to 8,000 gallons of water to fully extinguish the flames," News Nations wrote. So, obviously, 10,000 gallons is not out of the question.

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The Plain Truth is that electric cars are simply not feasible in the long run as they are dangerous. They can burn down your home, kill and maim and they destroy the environment! To just make the batteries for electric cars, the mining process alone for the minerals causes immense destruction. Ironically to do this, most of the electricity used is coming from coal powered electric plants!


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