By Bob Barney (First published in May 2019)

Last chance

The mission of The Plain Truth is to warn the world of the coming events prophesied in the Bible that will bring impact and change to all our lives. For most, it is difficult to understand these ancient predictions and therefore impossible to see them coming to life in the here and now. The Plain Truth diligently scans world events and today’s headlines to help connect these dots and make the warnings forecasted thousands of years ago easier to understand.

Many will read about people like Ezekiel, Micah, and Zechariah and the prophesies of nations like Assyria, Ephraim, and Edom and not have a true understanding because they are not familiar with who the key players are in the world today. Once our readers are informed of who’s who in scripture then their eyes can be opened and as a result will be able to see how God is talking to every one of us from the pages of the Bible!

Here is an example of some of The Plain Truths teachings of who's who: Assyria is Germany, Edom is Turkey, and Ephraim is the United States of America. It is also important to know that the United States of America, Britain, Scandinavia, and France as well as most of the nations of Western Europe are in fact the Lost Tribes of Israel.  Since most prophecies concern these 10 lost nations, once we learn these facts, we can then understand that many if not most of these warnings from God were meant for our eyes, today!

Which brings me to some earth-shattering news…

In today's topic of our sun, it is important to understand that we may be on the verge of a cataclysmic event within the next two years!  The western world and life as we know it may be altered and this is not a Chicken Little type of a warning; it is in fact a warning from NASA and many of the top scientists of the world! This warning fulfills God's prophecies concerning the destruction of our nation by both natural and man-made events. Please take the time to educate yourself and be prepared for what could be the most life changing event in your lifetime. If you prepare yourself, you can survive what may befall the entire globe. If you are not prepared, you will end up like the victims of Katrina or Japan!

We will be following the happenings of these celestial events and hope you will continue to look for The Plain Truth in your daily lives.

Giant Sunspot Doubles Size in 24 Hours and Points Right at Earth

Giant Sunspot
A giant sunspot erupts. Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Wikimedia

A huge sunspot that has doubled in size in just 24 hours now faces Earth, threatening to send a solar flare our way. If a nuclear bomb went off in the high atmosphere over the United States, it could possibly take out the electrical grids over most of the country. Likewise, a huge solar flare could create widespread devastation by knocking out electricity, experts say.

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