Boost development of sensorimotor system

By WND News Services

(INDY 100) – Many of us find it cute when babies kick in the womb, but now the reason why has come to light – and it’s not to hone their footy skills.

Babies can certainly make their presence known when they begin to move (kick, flutter, swish or roll) in the womb between 16 and 24 weeks. A kick can carry a force of more than 10lbs (ouch) but the sensation has mystified scientists for centuries. However, now we have answers. Kicking helps the baby’s development, according to scientists.

The new research published in study Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows these random movements aid to boost the development of the sensorimotor system – for example, hand-eye coordination.

Right from birth – and even before – infants start to kick, wiggle and move seemingly without aim or external stimulation.

Now a model shows it helps the infant learn to control its body.

The discovery has consequences for medical conditions and the development of more agile machines.


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