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I am soon going to be 68 years old. I lived through the famous “duck and cover” times in the early 1960’s, which then were just as familiar as a school fire drills! Students were urged to duck under their desks and cover their heads to protect themselves from the dangerous debris and radiation associated with a nuclear detonation. Everyone was ready for the end, and believed it would soon occur. However back then, we did have some world leaders, fresh from WWII experience that realized that WWIII had to be avoided. They succeeded. Today, every major military nation in the world is led by idiots that have no idea what a WWIII would look like. Probably the largest Buffoon alive is Joe Biden, with Putin and XI from China a close second and third. Many wars start by mistakes by moronic leaders. World War I is a prime example. Most do not know this, but the three leaders who started the war were in fact first cousins! Tsar Nicholas of Russia, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, and King George of England were first cousins, all related to Queen Victoria! They were morons that started a needless war that killed some 20 million. History is about to repeat itself, and your life will change forever!

Today’s Update:

Russia has Trained Belarussian Pilots to Deploy Nuclear Weapons, Defence Ministry Claims

Putin stages major nuclear missile exercises involving 3,000 troops in show of strength to the West

Putin stages major nuclear missile exercises involving 3,000 troops in show of strength to

Vladimir Putin’s troops are staging war games with his ‘invincible’ Yars intercontinental ballistic missile system in three regions of Russia. A video shows the Yars missile system – which replaced the Topol – on drills amid his war against Ukraine and high tension with the West. ‘In total, more than 3,000 military personnel and about 300 pieces of equipment are involved in the exercises,’ Russia’s defense ministry said on Wednesday. The drills involve the Strategic Missile Forces comprehensive control checking of the Omsk missile formation together with a command and staff exercise with the Novosibirsk missile formation equipped with the Yars systems.

WWIII Watch: Vladimir Putin Announces Russia Will Station Tactical Nukes in Belarus

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