‘It’s all true but it’s structured with cliffhangers, with misdirection, with missing information’

By WND News Services

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

(CBN NEWS) — Venture back to World War II and the Nazi-occupied Netherlands. That’s where the famed ten Boom family ran a successful watch shop that would come to hide many Jews and Resistance workers.

Among the family members was Corrie ten Boom. Books have been written about her heroism and extraordinary faith but none quite like the newly released The Watchmaker’s Daughter which reads like an action thriller.

During World War II, it’s estimated Corrie saved the lives of some 800 Jews and Resistance workers, many of them hiding at her family’s home and watch shop. All of their lives were on the line every day and that’s the tension and drama author Larry Loftis captures in the book.


2 thoughts on “The Watchmaker’s Daughter’: New action thriller tells riveting story of Corrie ten Boom”
  1. Corrie ten Boom is probably the most inspirational person of my lifetime. Her story is remarkable. If our readers search her name, they will see quite a few stories on her.

    Just. a side-note. She was born on April 15. And she died on her birthday91 years later! I have always thought it is a special gift from God to have the two most important events of your life occur on the same day. God Bless her memory

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