The future of cancer treatment — hailed as the “holy grail” of early detection — is now being put to the test.

Following a radically successful trial on cancer patients, a new blood test that promises to predict tumors more than a year before they begin to form is now being applied in hospitals across the United Kingdom…

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One thought on “‘Holy grail’ of cancer detection predicts tumors a year before they form: breakthrough”
  1. Mike Hawkslarge
    A great friend of mine is a researcher at Scripps in La Jolla. One of the finest research institutes on the planet. He has worked on MANY extremely promising therapies and therapeutic modalities and unfortunately he says the minute something pops up showing promise that competes with a cash cow drug or intervention, a large pharmaceutical company swoops in, drops a ton of money into it, gains control of the project and shelves it. You may not like it, but its true, the truth hurts and that’s the way it all works. They don’t want cures, they want paying addicts. This may not fall prey to the industry, as they may see it promoting existing therapies rather than competing against them. In this case, let’s hope it is not deemed to be a threat as if we live long enough, we will all be able to benefit from this type of technology some day.

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