Be Wary of Those Coming in Sheep’s Clothing

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2000 years ago, a newscaster that we know of as Jesus Christ warned us about false Christianity. The warning was not against the devil but against false Christianity…about people who come in His name and deceive many. 

We all know to be wary of those anti-American, atheist leaders, but should we be more concerned by those claiming to be Bible believing Christians? Wisdom and Discernment and obeying God’s Warnings are Key!

That is what this podcast is about. Our church leaders and our political leaders that oftentimes use God to promote an agenda which is in my opinion pure blasphemy. We are all familiar with those politicians that are anti-God, they tend to be democrats lately.

They tend to take Christianity in any form there is, but more dangerous than that my friends, is the opposite, those people who are just as crooked, just as dishonest, that promote their Christian values that are really nothing but a scam. The smirks and smiley faces as they clutch their bibles, as they convince the world and the people that believe in God and the Christian God that they are great people because they are just like you are, we have to pay attention and see through this. Oftentimes, these people are promoting a false gospel and are false themselves, to deceive the people, and Christ warned about these very people.

You know, most Christians will be surprised to read some of the words of Christ, for example, they would be surprised to hear Christ say in red letter in most New Testament Bibles, as Christ says, “in vain do they worship me”, and many will say, how is that, how can you worship God in vain? And God gives the answer. “For in vain do they worship me as they teach the doctrines of man and not the commandments of God”. Have you ever heard that? In your church? I hope you have but I bet most people haven’t. Did you know that Christ said, “do not think I have come to abolish the law or the prophets, but I come to magnify the law and anyone who does not follow the least little letter of the law, will be least in the kingdom of Heaven”. You might make it to heaven, yes, but you are the least. Did you know that? And yet we believe that Christ came to do away with the law. Or, going back to the other, when he says, many will come to me on the day of judgement and say, “Lord, did we not cast out demons in your name, did we not perform many miracles in your name and believe on you?” And Christ will say, “away from me, those who practice lawlessness”. He isn’t even going to recognize Christians who did miracles in His name.

Think about that for a minute. 

Christians today have been groomed to pursue money. They are looking for signs and wonders and they will joyfully adopt the antichrist Christian message when the antichrist comes. Because the antichrist is going to come as a replacement for Christ and pretend to be Christ and God on earth and because Christians are looking for a particular type of beliefs, they will be deceived.

In Revelation you read, “and He does great wonders, so he makes fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men ”.  Can you imagine a miracle where fire comes down from heaven and consumes something? I think most people think that has got to be God, but the Bible says these are deceptions and it also says with great wonders he will perform many miracles and convince many to follow him instead of Christ.  That is the natural result of our mind, it does not focus on heavenly things but on earthly things. We are meant to focus on earthly things, survival, shelter, work, getting ahead, but oftentimes we don’t think of the heavenly things that Jesus was trying to tell us. He tells us, “Do not be deceived.” 

People don’t know they are falling away when they are falling away, but they are.

When Christ’s disciples for example, ask Him what the signs of his return would be, Jesus mentioned a bunch of things that would happen. He warned them and said be careful that no one deceives you. Sadly, nowadays too many Christians allow themselves to be deceived. All someone has to do is scrunch their eyes up and pray in the name of Jesus, make some kind of quirky looking face and hold their bible in their hand, and many people are going to believe without vetting what that person says, they aren’t going to think that person is actually lying or deceiving them for their money or for other reasons. We have many false Christ’s here today. Many in the disguise of priests, ministers, and political leaders who love to cloak themselves with Christ and with the Christian religion and make mistakes sometimes in an interview like this one congresswoman who talks about getting kicked out of her bed by her boyfriend, because she has to go to a church revival meeting and didn’t even understand what people found wrong with that statement of hers.

There are many people in churches today who do not know that they have been deceived by their false prophets, their leaders, ministers, political people, because they have replaced the biblical gospel with a counterfeit gospel. Paul even warned me about this 2000 years ago.  The message today is basically one of GET. What you can GET by being a Christian. You can GET eternal life in heaven. You know, do something in particular and you GET something when actually God’s word is GIVE.

Do you know that one of the famous biblical characters, Moses, was willing to give up his eternal life if God would forgive the people’s sin?  It is in the Bible. God was so mad at the Israelites leaving Egypt and sinning constantly after watching miracle after miracle, sinning, taking a golden calf and bowing down and worshipping it. God finally in his anger, and yes, God gets angry, people, He said to Moses, “step aside, I am going to your children and your descendants, and I am going to make them into the promised people, and I am going to annihilate all of the people of Israel ”. And Moses said, “repent from what you are doing, Lord.  You made a promise to Abraham, that his children would be blessed. Take away my eternal life. Forgive these people”. And God says in your Bible, at least in the KJV, that God repented from what he was planning to do. HE changed his mind.  Because He was reminded by a person who was so humble. The bible claims Moses was the humblest person that ever lived, that he was willing to sacrifice all eternity if God would forgive the people that sinned against him. So, evidently, according to God’s love of you, it is not what you are going to get from being a Christian, it is about what you are willing to give u…to be a Christian.

Think about that, it is a little different then I think we understand. I do a lot of bad things in my life and things that God is not happy about, but I know it and I admit it and I pray to God to always forgive me, hopefully He does. I believe He does. 

In the preparation for the coming of the antichrist, many of his agents which are just demons, people wearing collars backwards and people professing Christianity on the pulpits and in congress and in the halls of justice, they produce a false Christianity, a false gospel, (and gospel just means good news by the way), that people fall victim especially people who themselves are believers but are believers based on faith alone, which we have been taught, most people are taught that you only have to have faith alone, and you will be saved. That is not scriptural.

James who most scholars believe is the real half-brother of Jesus Christ and had the same mother and different father, that James’ actually tore that notion apart. In the Bible there is a verse that James writes that faith without works is dead. Faith alone, according to James, does nothing for you. You prove your faith through your works. Moses proved his faithfulness to God by offering up his eternal life, his entire reward. The reward that we are all looking for! He was willing to give it up. So, his works made that faith honest to God. God saw that as a form of honesty. Sincerity. Maybe that’s why the first five books are from Moses. Because he is such an important person to God, next to Abraham of course, the utmost important person to God.

Just beware of people who come in sheep’s clothing and are really ravenous wolves as Christ calls them.

Just because some politician gets elected somewhere and he is clutching his bible and says he is a bible believing Christian and believes and follows everything in the bible, as Ronald Reagan said, “TRUST BUT VERIFY”, BECAUSE MANY OF THESE PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS. Many of these people use religion and the people who blindly follow anyone who says they are religious to their own destruction and unfortunately to the destruction of those that follow along. 

Jesus warned us to beware of false Christian prophets, Christian teachers, Christian ministers, Christian politicians. Beware of that. In the entire time Christ preached the gospel, the Good News, is there an instance in the Bible where He asked people to give Him money? There are a few verses of women who asked to travel with him and gave money for the disciples to live off of, but I do not see Jesus curing people and having an altar call and asking people to give them some silent donations. I don’t see Jesus at any time asking for money. I don’t see at any time, Jesus acting like any of the most hideous practices that many people do in the name of God.  We are told to follow Christ’s example. We are not told to follow some guy’s example who we think is holy and virtuous. The only one we know that is holy and virtuous is Jesus Christ and we are to follow Him. Paul says, “Follow me as I follow Christ”. 

Paul was smart enough to know and told everyone, do not worship me, I am a fallen man. Follow my example as long as I am teaching Christ and as I am following Christ’s example and if I stop, don’t follow me anymore, because I have turned into a false preacher. He warned against the false gospel in his day.

This is similar to a previous broadcast, but it is important to see today that it is just not the churches you go to that can deceive you about false Christianity…It is your political leaders. Do not embrace anyone just because they say they are a good Christian, and they hold the bible in their hand, and they start a session or a speech with a prayer. 

They could be a fraud. 

Hopefully they are not. There are many good people, many people that may not believe what I believe exactly but God reached their heart and God is with them. There are many good Christians in this country and many leaders who follow the example of Christ, and I am not trying to disparage any of those people, or any of these people that look up to Him. But we are not to look up to anybody, not anyone but God. 

When you listen to us here at TPT when you find us making an error…you can let us know you think we made an error. One of the things that I do is want to make you think. I say things kind of bombastically make you think and to make you look it up. I think most of the things I say you are going to easily prove that I did find that in the bible. You may come to a different conclusion than I do, and you have every right to do so. I don’t think God is going to hold you responsible if you take what I say sincerely in a different light. You are to think about it and use your common sense and keep an open mind that God maybe is trying to talk to you…we all make mistakes, I make many mistakes, but I do challenge people and want people to start thinking for themselves and to trust NO HUMAN BEING but Christ and God the Father, alone.

Listen to those as long as they are truly following God. and when they are not…watch out. They are bad if so and they bring evil to the country. 

So please go to the plain truth. com every day and also look at the Message Board and Your Health Today and go though some of the older podcasts. The podcasts or the broadcasts on the plain truth, it is not just me, but we play a lot of people, some of which I do not even agree with. I like to give honest points of view that are different from mine. I am not going to air a dishonest point of view, those that are charlatans. I won’t air them…not willingly or knowingly anyways. I do sometimes show other podcasts that are up there by other people that have different opinions or similar opinions to mine. I think you could go back to the list of previous podcasts and listen to some of them, and I think it will inspire you to look things up. I want you to look things up whenever your politicians tell you to do something. Don’t ever just believe it. If they will you Russia is doing something, don’t necessarily believe that because you don’t like Russia. In an earlier broadcast Russia is not the enemy. We are our enemy. We are the ones borrowing money all around the world and giving it to people.

Do you know a fast way to stop the war in the middle east, in Ukraine, and to stop even China’s agressions?

All one had to do, which Donald Trump did do in his presidency, is say we are going to open up every oil well and ‘drill baby drill’…and produce more oil then we can even stomach, we are going to produce all the gas that we  possibly can, put no bans in place, and the price of oil will go from 90 dollars a barrel to 12. Did you know there was a time, one day in the Trump administration, that a barrel of oil, was negative 38 dollars a barrel and if you owned a barrel you had to pay 38 dollars to get rid of it. Did you know that? it is true.

The true price of oil should not be more than 25 dollars a barrel. If we produced all the oil that we coul and oil plummeted in value,Putin would have no money to fight a way. IRan would have no money to sponsor terrorists. And when these despots run out of money,do you know what? They are going to change their ways and stop spending money on war. They are going to be more worried about their own people. So again, there are simple solutions sometimes that our politicians lie about, hold them accountable and do not just believe them because they say they are a christian.

That can be deceptive too. just as much as one that is an  evil anti god atheist. 

YOu know the anti god atheist is a lot easier to see through than the phony christian. 

SO, this is Bob Barney again today. Thank you for listening to these broadcasts and hope you tell your friends about them. We are getting more people coming to the site each day, and I am pretty happy about that. Go to the plain truth and you will not be disappointed, some of the things you read, some things you won’t agree with, but it certainly will be exciting to read something different then you are not being told on your news and tv shows. Thank you again for listening. Bye. 

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