Do People Really Live Longer Today? (Transcript)

By Bob Barney

Are we really living longer than our ancestors?

Is it true that the chances of living past 40, 200 years ago was nil and that because of our modern society today we live much longer than the people before us?

Hi, this is Bob Barney with The Plain Truth Today. 

Today’s broadcast is really about the lie about life expectancy. Grant it, if you use statistics that we are living longer, it is very easy to use them. For example, the average lifespan today is somewhere around 76 years old for a man and 81 years old for a woman. Yet if you go to graveyards from the 17 through the 1900s you will find out that many people from those years lived into their 70s, 80s and even 90s. It seems like we have been fed a lie about life expectancy and here is why.

It is true because of modern medicine that people on average live longer and let me explain the statistics of averaging…

Many women of the past who if they didn’t have 11 or more children and die in childbirth in their 40s, most likely would have lived to be 80 or 90 like today. So, one of the things that has improved life expectancy is the ability for modern medicine to keep people alive when complications happen. Many people died of disease in their younger years that would have lived into their later years if there were antibiotics. Many people died in the past because of the lack of modern medicine. People in bad accidents didn’t have triage type medicines that kept you alive.

I read a report that just as many people should have died in the Afghanistan war that died in Vietnam but because the triage medicine was so much superior by the time of the Gulf Wars, that instead of 59 thousand dead, like in Vietnam, we had 59 thousand gravely wounded that survived. So, in that way, it is true that people live longer on average because of modern medicine. 

Now the Bible mentions that a good lifespan for a person is 70 years old 80 is a true blessing. To be frank, that is the same today. We think people are living longer that are really not living longer than the past. 

You can lie with statistics. It is true that if you had a disease, you could die if there were no antibiotics or if you had many children and had natural childbirth and not the availability of modern medicine to help them survive. Statistically if you have 3 women living till 100 and three women who died in their 30’s from childbirth, the average is 66 years old; but that is a lie! Half of them were over 66 and half of them were under 66. Averaging statistics do not necessarily talk to us about how long we are living. 

We have billionaires today that are spending fortunes on trying to find out how to live to be 200 plus years old. Its just not going to happen. It won’t happen until God gives us eternal life at the resurrection. But when you go back in history and study the ages of people, you will find some things that shock you that most people are unaware of. Let me give you some examples.

It was written by Pliny in the first century, a historian, he names some famous people of his day. Cicero’s wife btw lived to be 103 years old. A girl named Claudia lived to be 115 years old and she had 15 children according to Pliny. An actress named La Shia who performed on stage when she was 100 years old, doesn’t say when she died, but that isn’t that much different than today. The oldest living person on earth today is about 116 years old I have studied the elderly for a while and if you go to The Plain Truth’s Message Board and put in the search, “living to be 100”, you will see all kinds of stories that lived to be 100 and the secrets that they claim that they had. Some say they lived that long because they smoked a cigar and whiskey every day, or because they didn’t smoke and only ate vegetables, some ate steak and eggs every day and some say they exercised, and others say they never did. There is no real reason why some of these people lived to be over 100 and some don’t. One thing should be pointed out. If people 2000 years ago lived to be 115 and people today can only live to be 115, this tells me that science has not extended the lifespan of human beings other than statistically by preventing disease deaths, childbirth deaths or accidental deaths. If you got maimed or cut 200 years ago, you probably got an infection and it spread and boom, you are dead. Today antibiotics save you. 

One time I used to have a habit of going to old cemeteries and walking around. I was stunned about what I found, and I am talking about one in Winston Salem NC that dates back to the late 1600’s and you will see people of that time and it would say they lived to be 68 or 84, or 3 months old. You would even see a woman who lived to be 92 and others that died in their 30’s and 40’s but it didn’t say in childbirth. 

You also see a lot of children’s deaths. There is a whole part of some that died at 5 months old. In actuality people lived to 70 – 80 years on average like the Bible said we would 2000 years ago.

The Plain Truth is, life expectancy has only increased on average and not in actual raw numbers The chances are no matter what you do, you are going to live into your 70s unless you are killed in an accident or there is some disease they cannot stop. Just as many people today percentage wise will live to be 100 that lived to that age 100 years ago. Isn’t it amazing when you study our forefathers that Ben Franklin was in his mid 80s, and a lot of them died as very old men. How do you explain that?

Governments really want to assure their citizens that your tax money is being used correctly. One of the ways they do this is through a propaganda program letting you realize that all this money in taxes you are paying is paying off in various ways. They are educating their children so they will have a better education and a better job. We are seeing today that that may not be the case. They tell you your taxes are being used to improve medicine and life span of human means, and in some ways, it is as I have shown you when it comes to preventing disease, childhood deaths and women dying in childhood, but again, we do not have people living to be 145 years old. We still have them dying at 115. Someone made a joke to me one time when I was studying gerontology, that it is pretty bad when you become the oldest living person in the world. You usually only hold the record for 6 months because you die and somebody else replaces you around your age.

So the idea that many people have, is that we are so much better off because we are going to live a lot longer lives…but it is only true in the effect of modern medicine and antibiotics. Which now actually has also run amok and is killing us in various ways. but do you think that if you take all these vitamins and minerals and buy green stuff from tv and cutting-edge products, that you are going to live to be 200, no.

There are some very famous people, some dead, that predicted, i am talking about experts in the field, there was one man who was in very good shape at age 72, he looked like he had the body of a 30-year-old and he predicted that he was going to die probably at 150 years old. He died at 77 of a heart attack Just like probably a slightly overweight man who smoked cigars. 

There are all these miracle pills you can take products to add to your food or smoothies, various cutting edge nutrition type products and you can take, and they tell you all these lies about being able to take them and eat McDonalds every day. It is a lie, and you are just making them rich.

The idea of life expectancy is a lie. 

We are not going to live to be 200 years old. Or 300 years old. Through modern science we are going to lower the consequence of disease but when things are equalized, people are going to pop their clogs 80 years old on average. 

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…and that is the problem with the press.

I will leave you with this…one of the movies that I like a lot, the original one…there is a scene where Michael Corleon who did not want to be a part of the family business but when his father was shot, he had to join the family’s mafia business, decided he was going to kill, the police lieutenant who is responsible for his father being shot. And the family lawyers say you cannot kill a cop! Michael replies, where does it say I cannot kill a cop, a dirty cop, a cop involved in drugs and the mafia? We have people on the press, don’t we? On our payroll? That was a 1972 movie. That is the truth though, every single interest group has reporters on their payroll. They just don’t tell you they are on their payroll.  

So, when you watch a reporter or read something, you don’t know why they are reporting what they are reporting. This is one reason why TPT does not take advertising. The only advertising you will see is our own businesses that we own. Like Tamco Paint or Serendipity, a sight my wife and I are starting to sell coins and jewelry for people who want to invest in the future. But we are never going to advertise for Big Pharma. I have been approached; I turn them all down.  When we post, you are going to know who wrote it and what we think about it. We let you know if we agree or not and if not, it will still be something we think you should know about. I write about what is in my mind that I believe is the truth and I am not being paid by anybody for that opinion and you can trust that at least the person writing these stories on TPT that work for us, or me especially, that at least we believe in what we are writing, and we think we have the evidence. We can be wrong, but we are not being bribed. Moist of the media you watch whether it be CNN or Fox or Newsmax or RAV TV or OANN or the Washington Post, individual reporters are secretly on the payroll of various entities. 

Did you know there is a story on the Message Board that Walter Cronkite was most likely a CIA operative?? Think about that for a minute and see if that doesn’t bogle your mind about what people think about Walter. He wasn’t the guy that people maybe think he was. You will find that over the years, many famous celebrities and scientists and politicians and reporters are bought and paid for and what they tell you is a total lie. The Plain Truth is The Plain Truth.

This is Bob Barney saying I appreciate you listening, please tell your friends about this broadcast, we try to do at least three or four a week, I think I have topics that I discuss that most people are not listening to or are wanting to listen to, but you need to know it. Thank you for listening. Bye.