What’s Wrong with the Ten Commandments? (Transcript)

Today’s Broadcast is by Bob Barney

— Bob Barney

Just what is wrong with the Ten Commandments? 

Could it be that maybe the human being, the creature we call mankind, has lost his way because it has lost its God? Could it be that because our public schools and media and our leaders have kind of put God on the shelf and His Laws on the shelf? That maybe the result is crime, disease, immorality, and covetousness? Because it seems like if the country as a whole practiced the Ten Commandments, we would be a lot better off. There would be a lot less misery and suffering, less crime, and a lot more happiness.


But the truth is…in today’s society, the Ten Commandments are laws, and we live in a LAWLESS WORLD. 

We actually have preachers and leaders who really preach and teach and promote lawlessness. No cash bail. That is lawlessness. That tells a criminal he can do what he wants to do, avoids going to jail, and gets ready to do another crime.

Then again we go back to are there answers to crime and to all of the decadence that is happening in this country or what is happening mainly in western europe. You don’t find many  people in Saudi Arabia for example with a right hand.d If you are caught stealing something, they cut off your right hand. There are not too many people without a right hand because they follow the law. They follow their Koran, not the Bible, but they follow a law that keeps people in fear. Sometimes fear is healthy to stop bad people from doing bad things. 

We get back to the idea of the real God and His Ten Commandments which are in force today, whether we like to believe so or not, all TEN OF THEM, including the fourth commandment, whcih we will talk about a little bit later in this broadcast, but if society were to adopt the principles that we call Old Testament Mosaic Law, that Jesus did away with on the cross, which HE DID NO SUCH THING…if you remember I have mentioned before that most people don’t read in Matthew where Jesus says, “do not think i have come to abolish the law or the prophets, i have come to magnify them, to show their real meaning, and that many will come to me on judgement day and we believed on your Name and you will say away from me you who are lawless. Seems like laws are quite important to Jesus.

So NO, the TEN COMMANDMENTS were never done away with.

The reason why the churches do not want to say that they are in force is because there is one that they are breaking and they don’t want you to know they are. In the past, the Protestant churches lied about the fourth commandment, remembering the Sabbath day to keep it Holy…because they proclaim Sunday had become the Sabbath day; it just did not and you can prove that through any research you would like to do. The Catholic church is who changed the Sabbath day into Sunday and they are the only church and they will tell you this, that has the right to preach on Sunday as the Sabbath day. Did you know even the catholic encyclopedia even admits that Sunday is not the Sabbath day but the Pope turned it into the day that people should assemble and worship God but that the real Sabbath is Saturday?

I wanted to point out why churches seem to like the Ten Commandments posted in schools and courts but they themselves do not practice them in their own church.

The First Commandment – I am the Lord thy God. You shalt have no other gods before Me

Let’s take the first commandment, you shall have no other gods before me…

Well, people say what difference does it make, i am an atheist, I don’t believe in anything, or I believe in a deity, but it doesn’t matter as what harm will it do? Well, it can do a lot of harm. If you do not know who your God is and you do not have a book with a set of laws that you follow or history that proves your beliefs, you are going to live a disappointing life.

The Second Commandment – You shalt not make unto Me any graven images

The second commandment, thou shall not make unto thee any graven images.

A graven image is like when in the Bible they made a Golden Calf and bowed down and worshipped this calf and God who says He is a jealous God, destroyed those people and in a horrible way at that. Idols do not necessarily mean what people interpret the second commandment to mean. For example, you can turn your house into an idol, your car, or anything into something that you may not admit it but you place before God something more important to you then God. If you believe in the God of the Bible, and even if you do not, you are going to find this to be true, because the God of the Bible is true, that anything you put before God, He will take away from you.

The Third Commandment – Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain

The 3rd Commandment, thou shalt not take the lord’s name in vain. People think that means you cannot swear for example by saying GOD DAMMIT. That is not what it means, and I know that is what people think it means, people think it means profanity with God’s name in it…that may in some way have some bearing on that fact however The Plain Truth is that taking the lord’s name in vain, Jesus gave a very good example of exactly what that is. He said that religious people, people who THINK God is first in their life, take the lord’s name in vain. He says people who constantly repeat the same prayer, or the same sayings and they use the word GOD over and over again, as if they are going to be listened to more than others when they pray, are actually using the Lord’s name in vain.

Let me give you an example that bothers me. I know the identity of Jesus Crhist but many people do not, many professing christians believe he was born on year zero as a baby and died and got ressurected and became God. They do not realize that the God of the Old Testament, the God who created the entire universe, the earth and everything in it, all the animals and MAN was actually none other than Jesus Christ. He was the God who led the Israelites out of Egypt! In a pillar of cloud in the daytime and a pillar of fire in the night time. He looked like a tornado  in the daytime and a tornado of fire in the nighttime. A VERY POWERFUL PERSON. Then we get to modern day prayers, in one place, Jesus says, “anything you ask in my name you shall receive”. So all of the sudden, the holy rollers of this world have a new formula for prayer. I am going to tell you something, Jesus gave us a formula for prayer and it is not what you think.

Today we hear someone say, “I thank you father for the food you are bringing us, father, and for that you do for us oh father, father father father…bless this mean father bless this family in Jesus’ name, Amen”> They are using Jesus like a stepping stone to get to the Father God.  Jesus is much more than a stepping stone. 

Jesus is the most important being in your life.

God the Father is important but do you know that for the most part God the Father is not mentioned in the OT. Everytime you see the word YAweh, the Lord rendered, is in fact, JESUS CHRIST…in most instances!

God the Father is only hinted to in a few of the psalms and a few of the prophecies, that is why the Jews were confused, thinking that Christ was comparing Himself to God. He was telling them He was their God, before Abraham was, I AM, the name of God and that is why they tried to stone Him? The idea that God is Jesus and that people that use His name in vain in order to make a prayer of repetition of using the Father’s name over and over again is simply not Biblical.

Jesus gave us a very quick way..the disciples asked how shall we pray. Jesus said, pray like this, our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread and fortgive us our trespassesa s we forgive those who trespass against us. For thine is the power for ever and ever, Amen. He didn’t say IN MY NAME, AMEN. He gave an example for prayer, and it is nothing like the prayers you hear when you go to a race or a sporting event or even a religious event. It is a different prayer you hear then what Jesus taught. Some people constantly repeat the Lord’s prayer as the Lord’s prayer and that is not what you are supposed to do, either. That is an example and how not to use the name of the Lord in vain.

The Fourth Commandment – Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy

Before we talked about remembering the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. Many people are taught that the Sabbath was made for the Jews and them only. First of all, Adam and Eve were not Jews, they were not Hebrews. They were not the descendants of Abraham.  They were the first humans and the sabbath was made for them. The Sabbath was made for men, He didn’t say the Sabbath was made for Israel or the Jews, he said for MAN. We are to observe the Sabbath day.  

The Fifth Commandment – Honor thy mother and thy father

The fifth Commandment is one in which in prophecy that people were going to ignore, and we are seeing that today. It is to honor your father and mother. And you know, it is the only commandment that has a promise attached to it. It has a benefit attached to it. For if you honor them, it goes on to say you will live a long life. So, what do we do today? We have a bunch of children who are at war with their parents and grandparents, they do not accept their knowledge and wisdom and think they know everything at 20 years old. That is somewhat human nature but that really didn’t happen 100 years ago. Children looked up to their parents.

I looked up to my parents with such respect, I knew they were great people…unfortunately today we are living in a rebellious society where children do not want to obey their father and mother. That is the only commandment is promising them a long life. 

The Sixth Commandment – Thou shalt not Kill

The 6th commandment, thou shall not kill, the word for kill really is murder and should be in red as thou shall not murder…remember, God orders some to kill but murder is a crime.

The Seventh Commandment – Thou shalt not commit adultery

The 7th Commandment, which is one that is rampant in America more than anything else, thou shall not commit adultery. That is probably why more misery happens in the western world because of adultery more than any other thing. It causes marriages to break up, children to live in poverty, children to grow up not having respect for their parents, children to grow up not having respect for the opposite sex often and all kinds of developmental psychological problems happen because of adultery. It is a great sin to God because it is a sin that destroys civilization. It does. You can try to say it is okay, you can try to say it really doesn’t matter but it does. If you are honest with yourself listening to this program, you will admit that adultery matters, especially if you think it is your spouse or if you are doing it. You know you are wrong. Adultery comes in many forms. It’s not just having sex with a married woman or man; it is sexual perversion in general. 

The Eighth Commandment – Thou shalt not steal

The 8th commandment makes sense, and most people follow it or at least until lately, that you should not steal. Maybe there is a little bit more than going to your neighborhood 7-11 and robbing a piece of brownie and putting it in your pocket…thou shall not steal is a lot of different things. When you tax people their hard-earned earnings you are stealing from those people. The government is the largest thief in America. It is not some criminal robbing a bank. Not some drug dealer from Mexico. The largest criminal in America when it comes to stealing is the Federal Government in something called the income tax. That is not only against God’s Law, but also unethical through and through and it destroys productivity. 

The Ninth Commandment – Thou shalt not bear false witness

The 9th commandment, there shall not bear false witness against my neighbor. This is gossiping with lies. You go to court for example, and you swear to God in the Bible that your name did a certain crime when you actually did the crime or someone in your family. You lie though and bear false witness which causes harm to an innocent person. God cares about innocent people and society should care about innocent people. Our jails are full of innocent people because people bared false witness. Police, medical examiners, even a friend of mine served 33 years in jail because a well-known medical examiner, Dr Lee from Connecticut, lied on the stand about the evidence that put a young man in jail for 33 years, actually two young men. It turns out now when they are investigating him that hundreds of cases may be overturned because he lied to help the cops get a conviction. That is bearing false witness against your neighbor. It is the 9th commandment!  Our police and prosecutors and our forensic examiners, fire marshals also, do it constantly to get easy convictions! It is not just you are telling a lie about your neighbor to another neighbor. It is actually much more harmful than that when it is your own government stealing and bearing false witness.

The Tenth Commandment – Thou shalt not covet

The 10th commandment, the last, is quite important. Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house, wife, donkey…covetousness is probably the greatest sin of mankind over anything. When you want what your neighbor has, you are coveting that. When you see a rich person and want to take his money in the form of an income tax or welfare distribution, something you didn’t earn yourself, but you feel you are entitled to it…lawsuits against companies that did you no harm just because they settle lawsuits just because of the cost, these are people that are coveting what is not theirs. It takes an actual price on society. There is a song from Porter Wagoner that starts out by saying, “if I had his money, I would do things my way”. It is so true. 

Little do they know that it is hard to find one rich man in ten with a satisfied mind. That is the second line of the story actually.  

You covet people’s money, covet what they have, it is a sin against God, the others and even yourself. This leads to self destruction.

So I sum up today’s broadcast about What is Wrong with the Ten Commandments, other than the Sabbath day that everyone just does not want to follow, and that is the real truth, what is wrong with them is that people are in rebellion against God. They have been since Adam and Eve and continue to be in rebellion today. They would rather follow their own holidays instead of God’s,their own Laws and not God’s laws….they want to follow their traditions and not God’s instructions. They wonder why tragedy happens and wonder why we are living in a decadent society that we are living in today. We are reaping what we have sowed over the last 50 or 60 years of throwing God out of everything. .Our schools, our government, and flat out of our lives. Now we are suffering for it. 

Now if we don’t change, we are going to suffer more.

This is Bob Barney saying thanks for listening and hope you do tell people about this show. We hope you go to The Plain Truth’s main page and listen to the other podcasts; I think you will find them most interesting even if you do not agree. I don’t want zombies listening to me… I am not wanting you to necessarily agree with me, but I do believe I have a good point of view that could propel you into studying further for your own understanding.

Until next time…thank you for listening. Bye for now.