The Green New Deal Hoax (Transcript)

In today’s broadcast, Bob Barney discusses the topic of the Green New Deal Hoax.

He discusses the bold face lie that it is and shows us how much it really costs to electrify over one hundred and fifty million cars in just America alone. We see through his insights how deep this lie happens to go and how it is a very specific plan to take away our freedom and liberties.

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It takes as much electricity to charge an electric vehicle in the same period of time as you could give all the electricity needed to electrify 106 average homes in America. ”

— Bob Barney

Hello, this is Bob with The Plain Truth and I want to talk about today a subject that people talk about all the time, and I think most people are aware of this as this probably isn’t new information. THe average sane American I am sure understands these facts in which you can find on the main page by the way, we have a story on just how much energy it takes to charge a Tesla or an electric vehicle for 12 hours. Did you know it takes as much electricity in those 12 hours for that one vehicle that could provide enough electricity for 106 homes for 12 hours. 

It takes as much electricity to charge an electric vehicle in the same period of time as you could give all the electricity needed to electrify 106 average homes in America. 

This is a part of the big lie about global warming, about climate change, about all the stuff that the government is trying to spoon feed you, to make you give up your rights, your liberty, to make you give up everything you believe in in order to control you, your mind, your actions, and control where you travel to. They want you to do so with the fear of death, imprisonment, or who the heck knows what else.

That is what we are going to talk about today on The Plain Truth. 

The nonsense about electrifying America’s cars and I believe most people understand this but do not have the statistics about it. We do not have ANYwhere near the electricity being made in this country, nuclear power plants, coal power plants, windmills and …we do not make enough electricity in this country to electrify even a tenth of the vehicles on the road. NOT EVEN ONE TENTH.

We would have to produce a hundred times more electricity then we do today just to charge all the American cars, yet, your government, your Biden administration is telling you by 2035 that they want every car in America to be electrified.  They know you cannot electrify 150 million vehicles. It is impossible.

So what is the motivation because there is one. Believe it or not, it is NOT good.

The motivation is to stop you from driving. They do not want you to have a car. Why? Because the basic principle of freedom and liberty is the idea that you have a right to travel unrestricted, wherever you are wanting in this history. What made America great was mobility. If you didn;t like one city or state, you could move to the next one. Your government is trying to take that ability away from you. They don’t want you to flee the northern liberal states to Florida or the more republican southern state. They will lose their representation in the House and lose it forever. 

SO really what they want to do is make sure you can’t travel, the best way to do that is to take away your car. There is not a scientist in the world, no matter who it is or what they are saying, that knows it is impossible to produce the electricity needed to electrify hundreds of millions of vehicles in this country alone. MAgnify that around the world and it becomes even a worse task.

They do not want nuclear plants, coal powered plants, the sun isn’t going to do it, wind power is not going to do it. They aren’t going to build a thousand new power plants just to do the cars alone, nevermind the houses. So what is going to  happen? You are going to lose the right to have a car. You are going to be treated worse than the avg soviet citizen of the 40’s and 50’s who didn’t have many cars. 

Limit mobility and you limit freedom. It is that simple. 

When you go to your politicians or your neighbor, maybe who believes in the Green New Deal and Global Warming, it is a religion you know, and you go to them and ask them where they are going to get the electricity to get their car fed?

There was a WND column about a guy who had one or two Teslas and found out in several  months time that his power bill at home went from 140 dollars a month to one thousand dollars a month. What little he drove, he wasn’t even spending 300 a month on gas.  ANother story we had up on The Plain Truth about the average cost per gallon, if you did it per gallon of charging your vehicle would be? If you converted the electricity into gasoline it would cost 17 dollars a gallon. Gas would have to be 17 dollars a gallon in order to be the same cost that you will pay to charge your electric vehicle.  Think about that.  You don’t think your politicians and business leaders do not know this fact? You don’t think that they are so stupid because they are not, that they haven’t figured all of this out or do you think there is a master plan and you are NOT PART of that PLAN. They are, but you are not. 

Again, The Plain Truth is that you are being deceived and lied to 

One of the things that changed my life some 45 years ago, is when I came to the realization that almost everything I was taught and almost everything I thought was true, tended to be a lie. Propaganda. From the government, from the cereal companies trying to sell you sugar in the form of cereal, oir Big Pharma selling you drugs you didn’t need, vaccines that kill you…you find out that the motivation behind what is going on with this climate change nonsense is not freedom. It is totalitarian rule, it is communism, it is to take away your rights to your individualism.

When I was going to school in 1974, I remember the climate activists were claiming we were going in to a winter, a global cooling scenario where the earth because of all the pollution and smog produced by coal and galsone and cars and America, mainly, was going to blacken out the sun and the earth would deep freeze and that as far south as mexico, it would be as cold as the antarctic. They said that would happen by the year 2000. Time Magazine, NewsWeek, all the big magazines at the time covered the story that this would happen and destroy most of modern civilization. It never happened. We were in the process of a warming trend at the time. The earth goes through cooling and warming trends. THAT is the science. You can do research to find this out. YOu will see we have had many ice ages and heat ages. For example, in 1800 by 1803  with the Louisiana Purchase which btw was a blessing from God, but by the 1800’s the northern hemisphere went from a cooling trend after 300 years of cooling which caused the potato famine in Ireland, disease and pestilence in Europe, the black plague, people living closer together, rats coming inside and spreading disease. But by 1803, America entered into the northern hemisphere and mainly America, entered into a global warming.  Before coal powered plants and cars were on the highway. We went through a period where the temperatures literally rose enough to make America the bread basket of the world. Land that normally would not produce crops because it would be too cold, all the way up to South and North Dakota, now became very easily conducive to raising wheat, corn, and crops that in the cold ages would never have grown in time. America became the bread basket for the world in the 1800’s. Our society grew in leaps and bounds as did our wealth; our status in the world was deemed a super power by 1915…all because of global warming that had NOTHING to do with man.

The earth is like a body.  Think of it almost like a reptile, you know how it has to maintain its heat by moving in and out of the sun. The earth is like something between a reptile and a mammal. It controls itself, it cools off when it needs to  and visa versa. We learned that in the 80s with El Nino and El Nina effects. One gives you cold and wet winters and one gives you warm rainy winters. Real scientists who understand the data and the history of world climate know the earth goes through periods of warming and cooling and going through times of cooling there are a lot of diseases. There is a lot of famine because things do not grow well. In fact if you know your history, the idea of global warming is actually good for mankind because it makes things grow better in places it would not normally grow that well. 

So more people can be fed, so it is a blessing to have global warming.  

There is something that has happened in the last 40 years that has not been reported, I heard Rush mention this and I knew this from living in Florida, that the American continent at least, was actually cooling again. By the 1980s that was happening. How do you know this? Well, Disney World in Florida is in a county called Orange County, midstate and up toward the north. It was the citris spell…but now you are hard pressed to find an orange grown there today. Why? Because in the last 50 years or so, Florida has actually had more deep freezes than it ever had in its history since man was there, western man anyways, raising oranges. So the orange belt, the citrus belt, consistently has moved south of Orlando, south so far all the way down by the Tamiami trail and almost west of Miami homestead, places like that where the deep freeze doesn’t happen yet. 

So the citrus belt in FLorida because we have been in global cooling has actually moved south. Look it up, you will see that is true. 

America has been going into a global cooling stage and parts of the country this is so, and others  are going into a warming trend, asj ust like the body, self regulates temperatures. Depending which way the temps go causes droughts and floods and frost on crops to kill them, it is all part of nature and what has always happened. 

Its just that you have scientists that are really tools of politicians trying to promote the idea that it is man made global warming and they have to take away your right of individualism, your right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness to save the world. They are  indoctrinating the world and they are indoctrinating yOU.

You cannot watch a nature show that doesn’t talk about global warming destroying nature. I was watching one the other day and it was showing a glacier that is smaller than it has been in 150 years and in 150 it will be gone.  They used a world salad in explanation so you couldn’t think anything other than it hasn’t happened before, but it happened 150 years ago in the great warming trend. 

You see, you have to be wary of where you get your news.  You have to be wary of what people are telling you and you have to ask yourself, do you have an agenda that makes them bend the truth. They do, most likely somebody is paying them to say what they are saying. Their mouth is bought and paid for and they just don’t tell you that. They don’t tell you that certain companies benefit from windmills, from solar energy…some companies are benefiting and they are the ones paying for people to lie. It is easy to get a scientist to lie because they work for universities and they live off of grants and they live off the grants they can get.  Grants are situated in such a way where they pay you for what they want to hear…that is what you are going to hear and that is not necessarily the truth. So be wary of who you listen to. Again that is wh== why The Plain Truth is a good place to go. We don’t take anyone’s money. You cannot sponsor anything on the plain truth or send us money. This is all out of our pocket and we are trying to bring you The Plain Truth as we see it. But the one thing you can be sure of if you are listening to us, is that if we are wrong, we are sincerely wrong and no one is paying us to get their message across to us. You are at least listening to honest people trying to open up your mind and open up your eyes so you can research and reason things for yourself. 

We don’t want you to be a vegetable and listen to us and just listen to us following us blindly like the scientists and the politicians want you to do. We want you to know that when you do research, half of it is false, you have to really really dig and be smart about it.  Read things with a perceptive mind and anaylize things and tear apart scenarios like I gave you the example in Switzerland. They said it’s the lowest this glacier has been in 150 years, well IT HAS BEEN THAT WAY 150 YEARS AGO! They tell you the truth but tell you it in a way you didn’t even hear it. That is what is happening with this nonsense called Global warming and the Green New Deal. The GND is just an effort to take away your rights, take away what you have, take away your freedom. This country is going in the way of totalitarianism, a dictatorship, just as Rome did. Julies Cesar, again, a lot of people don’t realize that Rome was a 400 year old Republic form of democracy, with a senate, with democratic principles of law and order and it all went away when they gave up what they had and allowed an emperor to take over and become a dictator. Then all Roman rule went to hell. 

America is like the modern romans. We are trading in our liberty, we are trading in our freedom for security. Benjamin Franklin is quoted to say, “those who will trade their freedom for security deserve neither of them”. If you are willing to give up your freedom in order to be secure, you deserve to be a prisoner. OUr people millions of our people have died in battles so you could have liberty and freedom. YOu are spitting on their graves. You can wave the flag on Memorial Day and Veterans Day and say you are a proud patriot but if you believe in the GND and vote for the politicians that do it, you are spitting on their graves because your freedom will be taken away, the very freedoms they died so you could still have. I just want you to realize that. It is like the Bible. I find it sacred.  How many people do not realize how many  died bringing you an English Bible. It was a death sentence back then. Many people were burned to death to bring you the English bible so you could read it in your own language. Something the Catholic Church did NOT want you to be able to do. People died to bring you the word of God…the love letter from God.

So the Bible should be revered in your home, it should be put out in a place of reverence because of the sacrifice that many made for that Bible to be there. The same thing when it comes to your soldiers that died in the world wars, the civil war, they died so you could have freedom and liberty. DO not take it away on a lie of global warming. 

Till the next time, this is Bob Barney and thank you for listening today. Goodbye.