Bob Barney

The true scale of the coronavirus outbreak currently sweeping the world has been laid bare in a visual timeline comparing it to history's most deadly pandemics. 

It shows the bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death, was the most lethal of all diseases, killing roughly 200million people in the 14th century. (about 1/4 of the entire population of the world at the time!)

Smallpox, the second deadliest pandemic in history, claimed the lives of 56million people over more than 400 years before it was finally eradicated in 1980. 

By comparison, COVID-19 has so far killed MAYBE 20,000 people in America and infected maybe 380,000 since December.   However I don't even believe these stats as many scientists have made the claim that the death toll has been exaggerated by up to 5 times!   In that case we have probably LESS than 4,000 deaths in America. Remember if you die from suicide, and test positive for coronavirus – you are listed as a COVID 19 death, even though there is NO TEST for COVID 19! ( (taken down by Youtube, but you can see the contents here) )

Take a look at this—do you feel a little snookered?


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