‘Barred from schools of their choice because of new ban on colleges with statements of faith’

WND StaffBy WND Staff

(Photo by DISRUPTIVO on Unsplash)

(Photo by DISRUPTIVO on Unsplash)

The state of Minnesota has moved to discriminate against Christian schools by excluding them from a program allowing high-school students to take college courses.

And it’s getting sued.

An announcement from Becket, which fights in the courts for religious rights across America, said a group of Christian parents and schools is suing the state over its Post Secondary Enrollment Options program.

For decades, that’s allowed high-school students to take college courses and get credit.

However, leftists in the state government changed the rules to discriminate against several Christian schools – and Christian students who want to go there and get a head start on their education.

“They are unable to do so, however, because Minnesota has removed religious schools’ eligibility in the program if they require a statement of faith from students,” Beckett explained.

The organization explained Melinda and Mark Loe, and Dawn Erickson are parents in Minnesota. Their older children have used their PSEO funds at two outstanding Christian schools – the University of Northwestern-St. Paul and Crown College – that uphold their religious values. “Their current high-school-aged children are now being barred from the schools of their choice because of Minnesota’s new ban on colleges with statements of faith,” Becket said.


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