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April 23 ~ 29

News Stories from Around the World:



The 'America's Newsroom' studio of the Fox News Channel (Video screenshot)

Infamous Republican on Fox board suddenly focus of Tucker’s ejection

A large group of immigrants crosses the Rio Grande river into El Paso, Texas.

U.S. to set up migrant processing centers in Latin America

EXC: Fauci, DOD, & CDC Funded Deadly Pathogen Research At Sudanese Biolab Seized By Militants. – Stephen K Bannon’s War Room

Fighters Seize Bio Lab in Sudan, Sparking Fears of Potential ‘Germ Bomb’ › American Greatness (

Reich blasted for wanting to interfere in elections (

Germany mulls chip chemical export controls to China as tech war heats up (

Biden attacks state for protecting children from mutilating surgeries (

GOP seeks to overturn rule that would hike mortgage payments for high credit scores (

4.2 magnitude Hawaii earthquake has officials closely monitoring nearby volcanos (

Arizona lawmakers mock colleague caught ‘stealing’ Bibles (

Not again! Report says U.S. supported ‘extremely dangerous’ biolab in another country (

Lawmakers ban transgender Democrat representative from state House (

Ex-producer suing Tucker Carlson has never even met him (

Conservative beer launched in response to Bud Light expected to hit huge sales number (


(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

Is a Trump-DeSantis ticket secretly in the works?

Executives of top U.S. newspapers get verbally flayed by activist Jose Vegas at Columbia Journalism School in New York City on April 25, 2023. (Video screenshot)

‘You are all cowards!’: Watch media execs get pummeled in epic fashion

‘The only people who care about what you have to say are elite a******s’

(Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash)

Not again! Report says U.S. supported ‘extremely dangerous’ biolab in another country

Former White House physician to Biden: Take cognitive test or drop out! (

RNC launches fact-checking website ahead of Biden’s expected reelection announcement (

WATCH: Tucker Carlson ‘doesn’t give two Fox’ about being ‘fired’ by network (

Ivanka Trump dumps lawyers defending Leticia James in 250 million dollar lawsuit

Senator confirms FBI ‘falsely’ called real evidence ‘disinformation’ (

News agency grants Pentagon anonymity so officials can trash Tucker (

Another big-name Republican jumps into presidential race (

Major bank’s stock continues crashing as it begs Fed for aid to avoid collapse (

Disney sues Ron DeSantis, alleges political effort to hurt its business (

‘Demonic’: MS-13 member ‘murders, dismembers’ Florida Uber Eats driver (

Will you be jailed for inadvertently breaking new gun rule? (

Forget Bud Light, now cosmetics giant pays transgender Dylan Mulvaney to model its makeup (


Joe Biden meets with national security staff in the White House Situation Room Thursday, June 16, 2022, to discuss possible scenarios of Russia's invasion of Ukraine as well as possible strategic weaponry on the battle field. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

WATCH: Video reveals ‘catastrophic scenario’ if Biden wins in 2024

Supremes to decide if government can seize 94-year-old’s home, and keep profits

Kamala Harris claims Trump ‘broke’ border and Biden is ‘attempting to fix it’ (

Gavin Newsom’s top lieutenant launches campaign for his job (

9 in 10 Americans oppose this deadly Biden policy! (

Washington Governor Jay Inslee Signs AR-15 Ban | National Review

Jury selection begins in E. Jean Carroll rape lawsuit against Trump | AP News

‘Dirty books’: Librarians celebrate efforts to keep porn in schools (

Trudeau says he ‘never’ forced anyone to get vaccinated, despite enforcing vax mandates (

Coroner: Young doctor died from blood clot due to COVID vaccine (

Taliban kills ISIS terrorist who directed attack that killed 13 US troops during Afghanistan withdrawal | Fox News

Mayor: City of El Paso, Texas to declare state of emergency before Title 42 ends on May 11 | KTXS

As epic snow melts, a California community braces for floods | AP News


Fox News studio (Courtesy Fox News Channel)

‘Mind-numbingly dumb’: Fox ripped for splitting with Tucker Carlson

President Donald J. Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and her husband Jesse Barrett greet invited guests on the Blue Room Balcony of the White House Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, after attending Barrett's swearing-in ceremony as Supreme Court Associate Justice. (Official White House photo by Tia Dufour)

Tucker for president? Speculation mounts after Fox News exit

Joe Biden delivers remarks on recent unidentified aerial objects, Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

Supreme Court justice delivers stunning verdict on Joe Biden

Susan Rice leaving as Biden’s top domestic policy adviser (

Now the U.S. Government Is Fighting ‘Islamophobia’ – PJ Media

Hunter Biden’s legal team wants Treasury to investigate ex-Trump aide and Congress to take action against MTG | Flipboard

BREAKING: Biden Opens “Back Door” on Immigration, Aims for Hundreds of Thousands of New Arrivals by End of Year (

Damn The Whales, Full Speed Ahead! The Jersey Shore to Get Turbines

And the Winner Is… US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of New Jersey’s Efforts to Withdraw from Waterfront Commission | Bayonne, NJ News TAPinto

Former Fox News host predicts Tucker Carlson departure will ‘kill’ network (

BREAKING: New Court Document Leak Reveals Driving Force Behind Fox News’ Decision to ‘Move On’ from Trump (

‘Worried’ weapons makers scrambling to find workers for Ukraine-fueled demand (

Despicable! ’60 Minutes’ whitewashes Ray Epps, Tucker Carlson parts ways with Fox (

After disastrous debates in 2020, Dems decide no presidential debates in 2024 (

Nearly half of DEMS believe ‘cheating’ determined 2022 elections (

The Armenian Genocide and my grandmother’s secret (

Favorite European travel spot bans selfies as tourists spark ‘anarchic chaos’ (


(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

‘Massive in scale’: State officials admit 2020 election contaminated with .

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

Move over transgender promotions, beer giant has another big problem New issue could pile on to plunge in corporate value

U.S. to begin Abrams tank training for Ukrainian troops (

China building cyberweapons to hijack enemy satellites, says U.S. leak (

Thousands of Americans stranded in Sudan war zone after U.S. Embassy evacuated (

Investigation reveals history books teaching kids lies about President Trump (

Major retailer that ‘canceled’ MyPillow guy Mike Lindell files for bankruptcy (

3 states working to ‘legalize child abuse’ (

$100 million gold heist at Canada’s biggest airport (

Man enters plea for shooting pro-life canvassing woman (

‘Dangerous trend’: Medical schools ditch standardized tests in name of ‘diversity’ (


Parents given permission to euthanize children if they have certain diseases Nation extends voluntary deaths law


Mystery condition with 100% death rate hits strawberry farms

How House debt plan reflects the goals of Freedom Caucus (

State’s election overhaul bill would ‘manipulate’ Electoral College, Hillary Clinton elector warns (

Pregnancy centers sue state for false statements in ‘consumer alert’ (

Christian baker asks state Supreme Court to affirm 1st Amendment (

Biden admin preparing major crackdown on power plants that fuel nation’s grid (

Larry Elder announces he’s running for president in 2024 (

Perpetrator of infamous Paris synagogue bombing found guilty 43 years later (

Trans TikToker’s eerie viral comment raises concern on social media (

3D-printed neighborhood is going up as homes start in mid-$400K range (

Climate goons deflate tires on 43 ‘gas guzzler’ SUVs in Boston, leave snarky notes (

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