‘You are either on the side of Scripture or against it’

Bob UnruhBy Bob Unruh

A state legislative leader has been forced from a leadership post after commenting privately to another lawmaker that abortion sounds like a procedure that comes from the “Church of Satan.”

A report by Ben Johnson at the Washington Stand explained the comment from North Carolina Rep. Keith Kidwell, a pro-lifer from Beaufort, came after a Democrat in the body “tried to justify her decision to have an elective abortion by citing her church membership and believe in the ‘power of God.'”

House Minority Leader Robert Reives, a Democrat, complained to House leaders, “To challenge a person’s religion when they share a deeply personal story … that is beneath the dignity of this House, and that is beneath the dignity of any elected office.”

So House Majority Leader John Bell, a Republican, asked Kidwell to resign his post a deputy majority whip and he did.

The comment about church and abortion came from Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams, a Democrat, who said, during debate before the General Assembly overrode Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill protecting the unborn from abortion, that she and her husband aborted their third child “after much consideration, thought, and, of course, prayer.”


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