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The Plain Truth, since the sites inception has revealed that Russia in the End Times will not be the threat that many people think it will be. The future of Germany, however, will be a Nazi-like terror to come and the truths of the rise of the final world superpower is foretold primarily in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
We are committed to sharing with our readers the progression of the Holy Word of God's prophesies when they present themselves in the news of today. It is wise for us all to keep our finger on the pulse of what is going on globally, especially in Germany and Europe as a whole. 
The reason why is because these global advancements will impact America greatly as we are a part of the Lost Tribes of Israel along with Russia, Western Europe and Britain. We all will not have the power that we enjoy today and as you can see here in the United States of America, our standing of power hangs in the balance as these words are being written. 

You can read more about the End Time Scriptural Truths Here


Soldiers fire an armoured howitzer Panzerhaubitze 2000 during an exercise of the U.S. Army in Grafenwoehr, Germany, Wednesday, July 20, 2022. Dynamic Front 22, led by the 56th Artillery Command and directed by U.S. Army Europe and Africa, is the premier U.S. led NATO and partner integrated fires exercise in the European Theater focused on fires interoperability designed to increase readiness, lethality and interoperability across the human, procedural, and technical domains. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)
Soldiers fire an armored howitzer during an exercise in Grafenwoehr, Germany, on July 20, 2022. (Michael Probst / Associated Press)

In some ways, it was a perfectly ordinary conversation — a trio of bright, ambitious German high school kids thinking out loud about what they might do after graduation. But their discussion reflected a sea change in social attitudes: They were considering joining the military.

A decades-old aversion to serving in the German armed forces — the scourge of Europe during World War II, underfunded and neglected after the Cold War’s end — is swiftly reversing itself as a result of the war in Ukraine.

These three 18-year-olds, all of them set to finish high school next year in the northern town of Koethen, are coming of age just as Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse, is aiming to rebuild and revitalize its military after generations of lingering Nazi-era stigma.

One of the students, Steven Foerster, said he was drawn to high-tech opportunities in the Bundeswehr, Germany’s federal defense forces. His classmate Sarah Naumann thought joining up might be a good way for her to pursue medical studies. Jakob Fischer, another student, said he could see himself serving in a combat unit.

“The negative image isn’t really there anymore,” said Foerster. Naumann concurred: “The German army has become attractive again.”

Despite Germany’s strong postwar tradition of pacifism, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine nearly seven months ago shocked the public into thinking very differently about national defense.

Three days after the war began, Chancellor Olaf Scholz — in office for less than three months — delivered a speech dubbed “Zeitenwende,” or watershed. With a single stroke, Germany embarked on the hitherto unthinkable: pledging to send heavy weapons to Ukraine and promising a $100-billion cash infusion for the military.

Those moves appear to have solid public backing. Polls suggest about two-thirds of Germans back the export of weapons to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. The country has absorbed a flood of Ukrainian refugees. And according to a survey by the polling firm Civey, nearly a third of Germans say they have a better image of the Bundeswehr than before the Ukraine war.



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