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GettyAshley Biden’s diary is the topic of an investigation.

Ashley Biden’s diary – which was published shortly before the 2020 election by a conservative news site that highlighted a claim against her father – is the subject of a criminal probe launched by the FBI, which is investigating locations connected with Project Veritas, the conservative group that conducts stings on public figures in politics and the media.

According to NBC, an FBI spokesperson confirmed that the agency is investigating “the possible theft of a diary belonging to President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden.”

Unverified pages of the alleged diary first emerged on a website called National File. You can read that original report here. It was mostly ignored when it was first published on October 26, 2020, right before the 2020 presidential election. Project Veritas did not publish the diary; the group’s founder said in an email to followers that it could not verify the diary was real at that time. However, conservative commentators have seized on the FBI investigation as proof the diary was Biden’s; it contains an allegation that she was concerned she was molested, although the page does not specify by whom.

The published page also contains the line that the writer remembers “showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).”

The FBI has not specifically verified that those pages came from the diary it’s investigating; however, major news organizations, including The New York Times, have reported that the handwritten pages published on the conservative website were “from” Ashley Biden’s diary. However, those news outlets are generally leaving the actual claims in the published pages out of their stories, including the passage about showers; they’ve been widely circulated, though, by conservatives like Candace Owens on social media.

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