Reagan Let's go back to 1982, in many ways the bleakest year since the Depression.
The economy had emerged severely damaged by the stagflation of the 1970s.
Americans' confidence, both in government and in the economy, had reached a low
ebb in 1980. Many felt our best years lay behind us.

On the nations' campuses and even in some of its boardrooms, people were
talking about capitalism as a failed system.

Some advocated a "third way" between socialism and capitalism, as in Europe,
which would include heavy doses of government intervention in markets to bring
them back to life. Still others took up the call in E.F. Schumacher's
best-seller, "Small Is Beautiful," to downsize expectations. Live frugally, they
said. Inhabit small houses. Drive small cars. Don't use oil. Rein in your

One man didn't agree with this: President Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980 amid
a wave of voter disgust at his predecessor's failures.  Read More………..

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