A new survey has found that almost four out of five refugees living in Sweden have vacationed in the countries that they originally fled from.

Yes, really.

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by Paul Joseph Watson ~ INFOWARS

The survey was conducted by polling firm Novus on behalf of the Swedish online newspaper Bulletin.

It found that 79 per cent of people who arrived in Sweden as refugees, supposedly fleeing war or persecution, have returned to their home country since arriving in Sweden.

“According to the survey, they do not wish, however, to return home permanently,” reports Remix News. “When asked whether they plan to permanently return to their country of birth in the future, just 2 percent say they do, while 16 percent say maybe — 81 percent of those who arrived in Sweden from non-European countries say they do not, primarily because they believe Sweden to be a better country to raise their children.”

The migrants are able to slip in and out of Sweden because there is no punishment for doing so, unlike in countries like Switzerland and Germany, where refugees who return to their home countries without permission face losing their asylum status.


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