Jennifer Rae Vliet

The Plain Truth is that America is circling the drain and as we have covered many times, this is prophetic. Our trust is in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and yet we do believe Donald Trump is quite possibly the last chance we have at pushing off the inevitable demise of our Country; that he is a blessing from God.

There are some that seem to believe DeSantis will make a great replacement for Trump for various reasons, (Bob Barney writes a great piece on why he supports Trump over DeSantis, here) but the signs are so very clear about who Ron really is and if you just listen to him and see who is his donors are and who is surrounding him during his campaign, he is really telling us exactly who he is…you don’t have to read between any lines. 

Famous lawyer of Alex Jones, Julian Assange, and Bobby Kennedy Jr, Robert Barnes pokes holes in Ron DeSantis’ campaign specifically as it relates to foreign policy and gets very specific on his governing style and how it exposes that he is a deep state recruit. “He is a tool of the deep state to take out Trump, the deep state if fully allied with him”…

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