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By Bob Barney

For some unknown reason, I get quite a bit of hate mail, or more accurately, harassment e-mails. I think it may surprise them if they only knew that ‘sticks n stones’ don’t bother me a bit. The simple reason is that I write to an audience of two, that’s it. I am really satisfied if only two sets of eyes read what I write. I do want my family to read what I write, in an effort to impart what knowledge I have gained over the years to them, but I am also honestly aware that they sometimes don’t as much as I wish they would. Someone sent me an e-mail sarcastically informing me that I probably don’t have more than 25 people reading the nonsense that I write. Well to be honest, it is a little more, but almost never more than 500 or so, unless of course it is about sex, or Danica Patrick, of NASCAR fame. I have one article on Sex and the Bible that has been opened at least 45,000 times! The few on Patrick that has been put on The Plain Truth also have thousands of views. I guess they saw no pictures, and quickly clicked ‘back.’


So who do I write for? Myself, perhaps? Nope. I write to God; both the Father and to Jesus, and do so in the same way I pray to them. So my writing style is a bit unprofessional. Reading something I write is usually a stream of consciousness set of thoughts, much like if one had a conversation with me on a phone, or in person. Some readers tell me they enjoy it, I am sure my English teachers cringe and deny they ever had me in their classes.


I look at my stories this way. They only matter to God. If God is pleased with them, I am… If not, well then sorry, God! Now just how many people other than God reading my articles is not up to me, instead it is God, the Creators of the heavens and the earth who decide just what people will find these stories and read them. I have no delusional views of some great magazine read by millions. If I had that, then most likely my message would be wrong, and not from God.  This may surprise many Bible reading people out there but Jesus was only able to reach convert about 120 people in His minitry. Honestly. Read Acts Chapter 1 for that number.  The disciples on the other hand reached tens of thousands, but if you had to choose which you would rather be a part of; Jesus’ minitry or Paul’s, which was more succesful, most would still rather to walk with Jesus. That is except maybe for many modern day ‘Paulist’ Christians, who think and  teach that Paul taught the Law was done away with. He did not, by the way.


In conclusion, I do not write in an attempt to ‘save people.’  It is very hard for many to accept this next statement, but I am not trying to save the world. In fact, God Almighty is not trying to save the world- yet. All will be accomplished in their timeframe, and I have no knowledge or input in that timeframe. I once told someone that God wasn’t trying to save the world – yet, and I thought the lady was going to faint. How dare I say that. God died trying to save us. I said no, God died saving the world, and knows that it has been accomplished. God isn’t in some desperate battle with the Devil trying to save the world. He has already saved the world, and we are just awaiting everything to finalize. I went on to explain that God is not out savings souls, or trying to. Only mankind, trying to make money off the gospel is trying to save souls.


So if you like what I write – Thanks! If not – Oh well, I don’t really care… Unless of course you happen to be God.

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2 thoughts on “So what if only a few people read my commentaries?”
  1. Mr. Barney, I have to disagree with you regarding your comment, “So if you like what I write – Thanks! If not – Oh well, I don’t really care…”. It is my opinion that you do care. If you did not care then you would not write, you would not strive to enlighten your readers, you would just dump this beautiful Emagazine and move on. I only discovered it about 7 months ago and I forward a lot of the articles. Your articles referencing when the sabbath begins and ends are very provocative and convincing and loaded with common sense and have had me re-examine my beliefs. It is my opinion that most so called “Christians” do not realize that the most significant difference between the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT) is that the OT is about the physical nature of man and the NT is spiritual. Sex is physical, prayer is spiritual. I do not know how many years the plain truth.com has been active but I am confident that over the years you have provided a tremendous amount of pure, clean spiritual food that has changed a lot of lives. And, for the record, you are a good writer.

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