Here at The Plain Truth, we have been exposing the persecution of Christians as we have recognized that the mainstream media just cannot be bothered with covering this topic. We have covered the genocidal purging of Christians in Nigeria, in Europe as well as the 50 worst places to be a Christian as Christian Genocide has been on the rise. Here is yet another important piece…

China offers ‘no protection’ for religious practice

By WND News Services

Church in China destroyed (Video screenshot)

By Samantha Aschieris
The Daily Signal

The Chinese Communist Party “has engaged in systemic persecution of Christians and other religious minorities,” according to an Asian studies expert and contributor of a newly released report on China.

Michael Cunningham, a research fellow in the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation, weighed in on the persecution of Christians and why it’s important for the U.S. and its allies to address the issue. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.)

“Christianity is booming in China and has been for some time. While estimates of the numbers of believers vary, some indicate China may be on track to have more Christians than the United States by the end of this decade,” Cunningham told The Daily Signal in an emailed statement. “Yet, since taking power, the CCP’s atheistic regime has engaged in systemic persecution of Christians and other religious minorities.”

“While China’s constitution claims to guarantee freedom of religious belief, religious practice has no such protection,” Cunningham said. “In addition to demolishing churches and detaining pastors, the CCP has also gone to great lengths to try to pervert Christian doctrine through a process of so-called “sinicization,” which seeks to ensure churches promote loyalty to the communist regime.”


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