Dr Mary Sherman

Lee Harvey Oswald was not the assassin of President Kennedy. That is the only firm conclusion one can draw from analyzing the Kennedy assassination’s body of evidence. From that material, one can derive preliminary conclusions and suggestions, which often cannot be proven as the authorities were never interested in pursuing these strands of the investigation as they were only interested in tying Oswald to the crime.

The Warren Commission’s focus was too narrow, while other researchers have cast the net too wide. But when we widen the scope of the investigation wide enough, it becomes clear that those involved in the assassination were also involved in other projects that have scarcely seen the light of day, projects which are often highly illegal or secret.

Dozens of deaths have been marked as potentially connected with the Kennedy assassination, often involving eyewitnesses or potential conspirators who died “mysteriously” . Few seem to be more intriguing than that of Mary Sherman. Interestingly, Sherman was murdered and her death is listed as an “unsolved murder” to this very day.

Dr. Mary Sherman was found dead in the early morning of July 21, 1964, eight months after the assassination. Her body had been partially burned, her entire right arm missing, though this detail was sometimes left out of the news reports following her death. Though part of her body was burnt, this was largely the right side only and nothing else in the house was burnt. There was no sign of forced entry in her home – the alarm system was off – suggesting that her murderer was known to her. She was stabbed multiple times, including the heart, which killed her.

Skeptics like Gerard Posner have argued that this “unsolved murder” is of no relevance to the Kennedy assassination, but Edward T. Haslam believes otherwise. A native of New Orleans, Haslam has published “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”, in which he outlines the case that Sherman’s murder may have been a pivotal part of why the Kennedy assassination was never properly investigated, as this might expose Oswald’s role in a nefarious secret experiment that the US government desperately tried to keep away from the general public.   MORE>>>>>>>

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