The Washington Examiner Provides in Depth Coverage below and Brian Cates also knocks it out of the park with all the investigative details, who the players are, and what is truly at stake. 

And That Key Source Turned Out To Be A Top Clinton Family Political Insider

You can read Cates column, here. 

Russiagate investigator makes 'explosive' prediction for Durham case

John Durham and Igor Danchenko. AP

A leading Russiagate investigator is raising expectations for next week's trial in special counsel John Durham's investigation looking for misconduct in the FBI's Trump-Russia inquiry. Kash Patel, a former top House Intelligence Committee aide and Trump administration official, made a prediction based on Durham's claim in court that the alleged source for disgraced former British spy Christopher Steele's infamous anti-Trump dossier was a paid confidential human source for the FBI. Durham's prosecution will "explode" the FBI’s "confidential human source corruption coverup network" being used for, in his view, a "disinformation campaign to the American public," Patel said in a recent interview on Real America's Voice.

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Durham’s D-Day: Trial for anti-Trump dossier source Igor Danchenko begins this week

Jerry Dunleavy 

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by Daniel Chaitin, Deputy News Editor

After losing his first and only other special counsel trial, John Durham's next, and perhaps final, major test begins this week against Igor Danchenko.

The Russian-born lawyer, who was British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s alleged main source for his discredited dossier, was charged last year with five counts of making false statements to the FBI, which Durham said he made about the information he provided to the former MI6 agent. Jury selection starts Tuesday.


The 2021 indictment said Danchenko anonymously sourced a fabricated claim about Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort to longtime Hillary Clinton ally Chuck Dolan, who spent years, including 2016, doing work in Russia. Danchenko also allegedly lied to the FBI about a phone call he claimed he received from Sergei Millian, a Belarus-born U.S. citizen and businessman who Danchenko claimed told him about a debunked conspiracy of cooperation between former President Donald Trump and the Russians, which the special counsel said was false.

Durham appears to be nearing the end of his criminal investigation, with his grand jury in the nation’s capital reportedly expiring recently, so the Danchenko trial may be his final shot at redemption in a courtroom after losing another false statements case earlier this year. But the judge handling the case has indicated the trial may be difficult for the special counsel.


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