What is the most expensive dessert for 2023? Would you spend over $9 million for strawberries?

That’s right, Strawberries Arnaud in New Orleans tops the list at $9.85 million. The price though has much to do with what comes with it and not exactly what are in it. It goes with a 10.06-carat royal blue diamond engagement ring from MS Rau Antiques.  For the latest on the most expensive desserts for 2023, we’ve updated this list:

  1. Strawberries Arnaud – $9.85 Million
  2. Diamond Fruitcake – $1.72 Million
  3. The Absurdity Sundae – $60,000
  4. The Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel Chocolate Pudding – $34,000
  5. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae – $25,000
  6. Krispy Kreme’s Luxe Doughnut – $1,685
  7. The Golden Phoenix Cupcake – $1,000
  8. Golden Opulence Sundae – $1,000
  9. Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans – $500
  10. La Madeline au Truffle – $250

Everybody loves to complete their meal with a sweet dessert. This review in the New York Times indicates that the history of desserts dates back to 3000 BC. People of ancient civilizations used to roll nuts or fruit into candied honey and enjoy dessert. The manufacture of sugar started in the middle ages, but only the wealthy could treat themselves to sweet desserts as sugar was quite expensive at that time.

Let’s now take a look at the history of popular dessert items: Ice cream dates back to 3000 BC when it was invented by the Chinese. Vanilla is created from an orchid flower and was first made popular by natives in Mexico. Chocolate was discovered by European explorers in Central America and Mexico and back then it was consumed as a spicy drink. The history of apple pie dates back to 1381 and it was popular among early American colonists.

Desserts are not only tasty, but also offer numerous health benefits reveals Ezmealplan.com. For instance, dark chocolate and pumpkin are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins that can boost your diet. Desserts are great for the mind too. Sweets with a high percentage of carbohydrates assist the brain to produce feel-good chemicals like serotonin.

Desserts also help in weight loss as they satisfy cravings and satiate your sweet tooth. Plus, they are a great occasion to include more fruit in your diet. Add blueberries and raspberries to frozen yogurt to make yourself a delicious dessert loaded with healthy fats and protein. Finally, desserts are a boon to dieters who reduce their intake of sugar and carbs. This can lead to feelings of distraction, mental fog, and sluggishness. Consume moderate amounts of chocolate pudding or jello as dessert to get the necessary glucose for energy. In short, desserts can not only make you happier but also healthier.

On the same note, let’s take a look the list of most expensive desserts in 2023. These unaffordable dishes were raked up by chefs for promotional purposes or to raise funds for a noble cause.

#10 La Madeline au Truffle – $250

We start our list of most expensive desserts with La Madeline au Truffle which is made by Knipschildt Chocolatier in Norwalk, Connecticut. If you have spare $250, you can enjoy a single truffle and for 1 lb you need to cough up $2600. This mouth-watering dish is delectable because its ingredients include vanilla, truffle oil, sugar, heavy cream, and 70% Valrhona dark chocolate.

Begin the dessert with a rare French Perigord truffle that is encircled by a rich ganache. Your dining experience is made finer by the packaging as the restaurant has created an exquisite golden box for the truffle. You will not be able to walk in and enjoy this dish. First call them and make your order and then troop in later to taste the item.

#9 Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans – $500

The brain behind this dessert is David Klein who is famous for his popular Jelly Belly jelly beans. The special feature of this item is that the taste is natural as there are no artificial colors or flavors. There are a dozen flavors to be enjoyed but the main reason for the $500 price is the packaging.

The candies are housed in a beautiful crystal jar and each bean is coated in 24-carat gold leaf. If you simply want to enjoy the tasty beans and not shell out $500 for the special packaging, you can buy a smaller box that does not have the fancy crystal or gold and therefore retails at an affordable $16.


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