Now he’s been partnering with FBI chief Christopher Wray to teach employees about the bureau’s Pride Month in an event that offered credit toward mandatory training. New ideologies: Women attracted to men, but who identify as men, are ‘gay’

WND StaffBy WND Staff

(Image by kalhh from Pixabay)

(Image by kalhh from Pixabay)

Demetre Daskalakis is one of the LGBT radicals given power by Joe Biden, being named deputy coordinator for national monkeypox response.

His reputation as an LGBT promoter and his affinity for Satanist emblems already was well-established before being given the federal assignment. He’d been on the cutting edge, appearing at times in leather belts for a Pride parade and sporting a pentagram.

Just the News reported bureau workers were offered training credit for listening to the activist “known for his pentagram tattoo and pentagram-shaped leather harness.”

The report explained FBI whistleblower Steve Friend, who left the bureau during an unpaid leave he described as retaliatory, posted an image of an FBI email from just days ago inviting employees to the stunt.

It was billed as a product of the FBI’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the event was promoted as being led by Director Chris Wray.

Daskalakis was scheduled to speak on “the importance of LGBT+ [sic] visibility in the government and health care industry.”

The report noted Daskalakis often appears online without a shirt, sometimes without pants, and frequently displays a chest tattoo in the pentagram shape.


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