It’s not just in America where the deep state and corrupt cops are trying to take control using the false narrative of COVID or Climate Change; let’s discuss the insanity going on in the Netherlands.  Dutch farmers are protesting the nation’s global warming nonsense this week by blockading food warehouses and supermarkets in the region.  Believe it or not, the Dutch police fired shots on the protesters yesterday! In the cross fires included a sixteen-year-old boy saying the situation turned “threatening” when tractor-riding farmers were attempting to push past a blockade to get onto a highway; driving their tractors into officers and their vehicles as Politico reported. No one was injured according to police. Always watch what is going on in Europe as this push to the nutty left will eventually result in a kick back from Europe’s working class.  Eventually they will get disgusted with their leaders and find a strong man to take control. This strongman will be the antichrist.  

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek, (that’s a name) is incredible and a must watch.  She sums up the entire plain truth behind the real purpose of the Climate Change Communists. Watch!

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