Muslim extremists control country after Biden’s military pullout

Bob UnruhBy Bob Unruh

Joe Biden’s abrupt withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan two years ago left behind tens of billions of dollars of American war machinery to the Taliban, whose terrorist members immediately put themselves in power.

Along with hundreds of Americans under the thumb of the Taliban terrorists, as well as thousands of Afghanis whose help had been important to American interests.

NPR described it as a “turning point” in Biden’s presidency, a moment that saw his support levels plunge – and never recover.

The broadcaster said the situation was a “chaotic mess” and quoted officials calling it “bungled.”Now the full extent of the disaster is becoming known, with a Slay News report that Taliban extremists there again have been cracking down of Christianity, as they did before American intervention.

Most recently, the report said, an Islamic terrorist group “raided the offices of a Swiss nonprofit” and accused members, including an American, or promoting Christianity.

The report explained, “The International Assistance Mission (IAM) has confirmed that the Taliban detained the American worker and 18 others. The Taliban stormed the offices of the nonprofit in Ghor, just 400 miles outside of Kabul.”

The report explained Muslim extremists view non-governmental organizations as “a significant threat.”

“Since Democrat President Joe Biden’s 2021 botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the group has introduced harsh measures for the Afghan people. Afghan women have been banned from education after the sixth grade. They are also prohibited from public life and work, including working for NGOs,” the report said.

Those kidnapped workers are being detained in an unknown location, the report said.


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