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The Plain Truth has been predicting since we started online in 2008 (and long before that) that in the End Times, Russia will not be the threat people think. The major threat to world domination will be a revised Holy Roman Empire led by two beasts. One will be the Pope, who will spiritually align with an emperor of Europe (probably out of Italy or Germany) and that leader is known as the King of the North in Daniel 11, and The Beast of Revelation!  It's God's word.  In the end times, America, Western Europe and Britain (all part of the lost tribes of Israel), Russia and China will not have the power they enjoy today!

The leaders of Russia, Putin, and China -Xi Jinping who has been serving as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) since 2012, and President of the People's Republic of China (PRC) since 2013.  Both of these leaders are not what the main stream media and world leaders project.  

Almost every leader of a major power today is a moron.  Biden, Putin, Boris Johnson, Xi-JinPing, Macron are all mentally are unable to understand the world and what is happening.  Putin is going to be the person who helped put a fascist – communist Europe together, and Xi is going to force Japan to nucleear re-arm itself and build a military, something that General MacArthur outlawed from doing in their Constitution, THAT HE WROTE!  He understand the most dangerous people ion the world are Japanese militarist, who actually caused WWII.   Remember only one country in the world accepted suicide! Hard Kari and Last year in Japan, more than 25,000 people took their own lives. That's 70 every day. The vast majority were men.

People often cite Japan's long tradition of "honorable suicide" as a reason for the high rate here, and they are correct! They point to the Samurai practice of committing "seppuku" or to the young "kamikaze" pilots of 1945, to show there are distinct cultural reasons why Japanese are more likely to take their own lives. This mindset would have no worries about sending every H bomb to China killing off the entire population, even if that meant their own destruction! 

Now, because of Putin's stupidity, After weeks of refusing to send military aid to Ukraine due to a longstanding policy never to send arms to conflict zones, Germany has reversed course.

On Saturday, Berlin buckled under the pressure of fierce criticism from other western European nations and has now opted to send 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger anti-aircraft defense systems out of its own arsenal and has also granted approval for the Netherlands and Estonia to ship some of their own German-originated weapons to aid Ukraine, Politico reported.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the decision is due to the historic nature of Russia’s invasion and the need to defend its Ukrainian allies.

"The Russian attack marks a turning point. It is our duty to do our best to help Ukraine defend against the invading army of Putin. That's why we're supplying 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 stinger missiles to our friends in the Ukraine," he tweeted, as Axios reported.

Why is this happening?  A weak USA lead by a complete idiots, Joe Biden and Barak Obama (Oh yes, Obama is the destroyer of America) have forced Europe and Japan to realize that America does not have their back and that they must learn to raise their own powerful armies to defend themselves, not realizing that this will lead to totalitarianism in their own land.

In January, Germany had refused to approve Estonia’s request to send its own German-made howitzers to Ukraine as Russia appeared ready to launch an invasion, angering other European nations who called on Berlin to do more to help fend off the Kremlin’s aggression.

Germany is the largest and wealthiest nation in the European Union, so it undoubtedly plays a major role in the west’s ultimate effectiveness at helping to thwart Putin’s advances in Ukraine.

“The problem in Europe is that a lot of it is supplied by German manufacturers, and Germany so far is withholding consent,” an official to a western European nation said last week, as Politico reported. “That instantly limits the available stores in Europe.”

“Now is the time to help as much as we can,” another official said as Germany still maintained its refusal to help on Friday. “There are people dying and [there] will be more if we don’t do what is the bare minimum,” the official said, adding: “It is a question of survival for Ukraine.”

It is believed that the extensive pressure of other western allies ultimately drove Germany to reverse course.


But the EU symbol comes right out of the Bible! German's major publication from 2004 displayed the new symbol for Europe —take a look
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Revelation 17:3–So the angel took me in the Spirit into the wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that had seven heads and ten horns, and blasphemies against God were written all over it.

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