The Plain Truth About Republican Unity (Transcript)

In today’s broadcast, Bob Barney discusses the topic of Republican infighting.

He addresses the problems that not only he has, but the general public has as well. There are many concerns about what is going on with the House controlled Republicans and he covers topics such as abortion, the economy, and more.

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“If we are honest, Republicans are in serious trouble. Not from election stealing or because of Trump, but because of themselves!

— Bob Barney

This is Bob Barney with The Plain Truth Today Podcast. I wanted to talk about the problems that people have concerning what is going on with the House controlled Republicans and why I was not in favor of McCarthy being replaced. I am not yet convinced as well, that Johnson is going to be any more effective and he may be even less effective than McCarthy was.

There is a story today on The Plain Truth’s Message Board that I think people may find interesting. I did. It is entitled, “Gang of Eight Republican House Members Seek More Abortion Rights”…so that is the topic of today’s show. 

 Here is why I am not so thrilled about the replacement, and I hope I am proven wrong. 

Unlike the democrats which always seem to vote in unison and in block with maybe the exception of Jews in Israel where the antisemitism of many of the democrats is starting to show through, I have to admit that when it comes to Republicans, it is much harder for a speaker to gain control of the republican committees or i should say the republican members of the house. I am comparing this to the way it was for Nancy Pelosi when she was controlling the democrats. She would knock the gavel over your head! You were in trouble if you disagreed with her and your career was most likely over and you would get expelled from every committee or even run against with such fervor that you would lose. Democrats are held in total fear, in the house anyways, of their speaker, whereas Republicans do not have that luxury. If you are a leader anyways.  There are more RINO republicans than anyone really wants to admit are a reality. 

This is the problem that McCarthy was facing when he was trying to walk a tightrope to keep the gang of eight, you know them, the ultra-right conservatives led by Gaetz, whom I think is an absolute fool, AND on top of that, he is unpatriotic. All he cares about is himself. If he thought about the country, he would not have put the republicans through the mess they went through trying to find a new speaker and make the democrats look good to the average American.

 People I know personally who republican and Trump voters are so disgusted with the republican house members that they actually wished the democrats were back in control. 

If you think that is a good thing then you need your head examined.

The republicans do not show unity and the vast majority of Americans out there simply do not have the grasp on politics that many of us political animal junkies do have. They work their jobs from 8-5, they have a hard time making ends meet. They watch a little bit of the news, just enough to pollute their minds because they are mostly watching local tv news controlled by the media, agendas being pushed by the media to make republicans look terrible. Then when they actually do look terrible and they cannot get their act together, you have this disgust. People just don’t go out to vote as a result too often. If all the people would tend to vote republican and actually go out to vote, the dems couldn’t steal an election if they tried. Even if those just voted with a populist bent, most people do not care about their house members or local politicians because they do not think that it makes any difference.

So, today’s story on the Message Board about the number of republicans who really are for abortion…. this is why something I am going to say may make people mad that listen to me…

I do not believe that we should be making abortion the pivotal point of our message to get people out to vote. Why? Because frankly, America is not the moral country that it used to be.

Many Americans, mostly women, are for abortion as they keep it in their back pocket. Meaning, if they are outwardly against abortion, want it limited, especially those with daughters, just in case something goes wrong, they really see that they need that abortion in my back pocket. 

Hear me out. If your entire election message is about abortion and outlawing abortion, you are going to lose every single time. 

The democrats are going to play that you lie about everything you stand for, they are going to highlight that this is what the right side is all about and how women do not have any right about their body…you know the story as you hear it time and time again. However, you do not win a war by focusing on ONE battle.  Generals who do that…lose. It is a known fact. 

The battle to save America spiritually as well as morally and even economically is many faceted. I went into this in another broadcast recently about a few economic changes we could make to turn things around lickity split. That is getting rid of the IRS and income tax and stop printing money which in turn lowers the inflation that makes poor people poor. Even Donald Trump being a very smart man, one of thee most astute politicians, understands the pulse of the people, he understands how the average middle class Americans feel. He is one of the few billionaires that has made a habit in his career to talk to the little people. I have read so many stories as to how he would go to a construction site wherever he is building and he would talk to the union steelworkers, the truck drivers bringing deliveries, and he would talk to them like he was a normal guy; like one of them. They would tell him their concerns and he would listen. He would put it in his mind. 

When he ran in 2016, I do not believe there is a president including Ronald Reagan that understood populism, or what the average American thought better than Donald Trump. I believe that is why DJT a week ago, the news story about him telling his aides he doesn’t want to make the 2024 election about abortion. He wants to make it about a border that is wide open, one that is allowing terrorists in, he wants to also make it about China and the economy as well as the Biden and overall Democrat corruption. At the same time, he would not run away from the issue of abortion, that he is against btw, and wants to limit it, but he understands and rightfully so that abortion has nothing to do with national politics. And I believe he is right, it doesn’t. 

Abortion has nothing to do with your senator…nothing to do with your house members, nothing to do with who you elect as PRESIDENT. 

Abortion has to do with who you elect in your own particular state. It is a state issue. 

As the supreme court, as it overruled Roe Vs Wade…it actually came to the right decision in returning the power to the states. The federal government has no jurisdiction over abortion. I do not believe the abortion is a religious issue, yes if you are a Christian and against killing, so that makes it religious, but abortion is really a societal issue. Is it OK to murder. The answer is, and every state in the USA so far, is NOT OK to murder. So, if you look at abortion within that question, then it is easy to come to the conclusion. It is an issue based on LAW…on the RIGHT TO LIFE. The pursuit of liberty and the right to happiness, yes that is a national issue, but left to the states to decide. 

For example, this is how in NY they do not have capital punishment, but in TX they can execute a murderer. Someone could say that isn’t equal justice under the law, you mean you kill somebody in NY you don’t die but if you kill someone in TX you do die? How is that equal protection under the law? That is because the states have control over criminal activity that is not federal in nature. There is no constitutional provision that makes murder a crime. Think about that! There is nowhere in the constitution or in the Bill of Rights that outlaws murder.

It has been left up to the states. It is a state issue.

DJT is astute enough to realize to leave abortion out of national politics and let it remain where it belongs in the states. You are going to have, like it or not, states that allow it right up to the moment of birth, which is their right as a state, and you are going to have even some states one day that outlaw all abortions. Either way, that is the way the framers of our constitution wanted it to be. Even though your Christian beliefs say they do not tolerate that, then you have the right to vote with your conscience, then leave the state that chooses to allow for abortion. What our Founding Fathers wanted us to do was not only to vote with our hand on a ballot but to vote with our feet…if your state doesn’t agree with your morality then you go to a state that does. 

That is the American way.

 So, getting back to the topic of the 8 members of the house that are trying to get more abortion rights, remember, in the House right now, the Republicans have I think if I am right, a four or five seat majority. This means 8 lost votes will get the democrats to win. That is why it was so dangerous to oust McCarthy and to have the possibility of a democrat getting enough republican votes to get the speaker of the house, we could have had Pelosi back or someone like that! Who would assign the committee members and the Republicans would lose the House even though they had the majority. McCarthy never had a majority he could control and neither does Johnson. 

I guarantee you in the next few weeks you are going to see Johson do a lot of things that McCarthy did because he is going to be forced to and GET A PASS. Why? Because of the ultra-right who are idiots and I call them EVER Trumpers, and yes, I think they are idiots.

I wrote a story back in 2018 that Ever Trumpers are as dangerous and as stupid and never Trumpers. Do not hear anything different regarding ME though, I am a Trump supporter. I believe America’s hope in 2024 is to have him elected, but the problem with Ever Trumpers, they do not read everything…they only read and comprehend what they WANT reality to be whilst not seeing reality. If I am on an airplane for example, and it is going to crash because the engine stops, I do not want a Zig Zigler trained pilot telling me, “I CAN DO IT!” and he can’t, and I die. 

I would rather have a pilot who doesn’t know exactly if he can save you but has the TALENT to be able to and figure it out. 

I don’t need someone who doesn’t see reality, affecting my life. I want a person who understands reality and makes decisions based on reality. 

Ronald Reagan ticked off a lot of republicans in his day because he went along with things that he knew weren’t worth fighting. Good politicians, I am sorry to say but this is how it is supposed to be, they negotiate, they pick a battle, and they stick with it, they negotiate, or they don’t. You have 8 republicans who want abortion rights, How the heck are you going to get a united group of republicans to get this through in the house?

 They are just as bad as the 8 under Gaetz that threw out McCarthy. Think about this everyone. I really want us to understand politics. Politics are not black and white. Morality is black and white. But politics are unfortunately not. And that is what we have today. 

Let’s talk about the budget fight that is coming up…expect many people to be surprised with what Johnson ends up doing. We already saw a little bit of Johnson’s leadership when it came to his very first act as speaker. That was in regard to sending money to Israel. NOT THE BORDER. NOT TO HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. But Israel. And I am not anti-Israel btw, I am probably more pro Jew because I understand who they are in Biblical prophecy, and I understand who America is in Biblical Prophecy as well, but it is not our business to be supporting a nation that is not America, first, over the American people! That is Johnson’s first act as speaker. 

He does not have control of his caucus. It is too fractured. He is going to have to walk a line like McCarthy did. I do not believe in the long run that he will do as good of a job as McCarthy, and I am not even a McCarthy fan! I didn’t like him from the beginning. He is a semi-RINO. But MTG, who is a very good pro-Trump populist conservative, backed McCarthy and was able to lead him in the right direction. She was RIGHT about McCarthy being the best speaker in my opinion, that we could vote for. I am afraid we are going to find out with this speaker, no matter what happens, he is not going to be as effective as McCarthy was. I do not think he understands the complexities of negotiation in politics when you do not have a solid majority on your side.

And that is what American politics are about. So, I invited anybody to go to the Message Board today as this will be one of the top 15 stories of the day and read this…anyone can leave a comment. You do not have to register to leave a comment. If you do register, your comment is put up right away but if not, we just have to approve it and that is just to protect us from pornography and from hacking going on. It is a very informative site.

I do not believe there is any one website that you can go to but The Plain Truth and get the information that we give you…the information that you need to know…in order to understand what is happening in your life. How to plan for your life.  

As an aside, on yesterday’s main page at our site, I had a story about silver vs gold. There are many people out there that understand, yet not enough, how inflation destroys the dollar bill and how the hedge of inflation is precious metals like gold and silver. Off topic here, there is something called the silver gold ratio index. It is how many ounces of silver it takes to equal dollar wise, an ounce of gold. That is a very important topic because in the Roman times, just to show you what inflation has done, it took 12 ounces of silver to equal an ounce of gold. Modern times, it has been 35 to 40 ounces of silver to equal an ounce of gold. Right now, it takes 80 ounces of silver to equal one ounce of gold which tells you if you understand precious metals, that silver is the best buy for the dollar for inflation. Silver is way way undervalued by the federal governments of the world. They do not want people to invest in silver and gold, they want paper and eventually digital currency as an investment which is worthless. A 100-dollar bill right now is worth 6 cents! The government nis lying when they say it is worth 100 bucks. Precious metals are worth the value that you can hold in your hand. Right now, gold was a good deal at 2000 an ounce, and I believe it will hit 5, silver is your best investment, and it is a cheaper investment. For 25 bucks you can buy an ounce of silver. 

I want you to go to the Message Board if you can, every day, see what the topics are, and go to the main page every day. Your Health Today Online doesn’t have a lot of new stories but if you go once or twice a week, you will be caught up on your health issues…but The Plain Truth has the links to the podcasts and all of this. I think you will get more knowledge there than any other website or any other tv show you will ever watch and even any newspaper you pick up.

Until next time, thank you so much for listening and hope you tune in again.